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We’ve spent the last 6 months getting Studio Binder ready for our public launch. We want to send out a big thank you to our great beta testers! After sifting through the feedback from users from every walk of production, we are beyond excited to let you know the result of all these efforts.

StudioBinder is more streamlined, intuitive and visually stunning – just the way you want it.

Say Hello to Call Sheet Confirmations

StudioBinder Free Call Sheet Template App

Call Sheets Made Smart

The confirmation system is now live in Beta. This represents a major milestone on Studio Binder’s roadmap. We’re bringing data and analytics to something as old as filmmaking — the call sheet.

View, in real time, who has received their call time emails. Track, at a glance, when they confirm. With a powerful and re-imagined new analytics system you will know exactly who has read their call sheet, and who hasn’t. Who confirmed, and who needs a follow-up call.

We’re streamlining the production workflow, and it’s long overdue.

StudioBinder Pre Production Software - Add Shooting Schedule to Call Sheet

StudioBinder Free Call Sheet Template App

Data-driven Production Management

The new call sheets page will display the percentage (and exact number) of recipients who viewed their call time emails, and how many have confirmed.

Want to see who didn’t? We thought of that too. You can drill down to a person-by-person view as well.

StudioBinder Pre Production Software - Free Call Sheet Template for Video Production Company

What else is new?

Add notes when editing and resending call sheets.

View recipient call sheets (and confirm them)

CC yourself to all call sheets sent

New “add recipients” workflow

Reorder contacts (drag-n-drop)

Photography-friendly crew roles

What else is new?

Attach files to call sheets

Stripboard scheduling

Attached call sheet PDFs to emails

And more!

Solution Icon - Call Sheets

Create & send call sheets easier. Track views and RSVP’s instantly.

Create call sheets like a pro. Send via email or text. Track the views and RSVP's in a snap.

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StudioBinder Call Sheet Template and Software - Create call sheets online
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