"Feature Film" Call Sheet Template

Use our industry-standard call sheets for your next video production.

Sample Call Sheet Template
(Desktop View)

This following call sheet is a fully functioning simulation. You can click the map links or download the attachments and PDFs just as a recipient would. Click “Download PDF” to download the PDF version.

Free Feature Film Call Sheet Template Sample - StudioBinder - Desktop

Sample Call Sheet
(Email View)

This is what your emails to call sheet recipients will look like. We personalize call times for every recipient (so there’s no confusion or fishing for call times), include map links to the set and parking address, the general call sheet note, and any private notes (if you added any).

Sample Call Sheet Example Email | StudioBinder

Sample Call Sheet Template (Mobile View)

This is the same call sheet formatted to display on smartphones.

Free Feature Film Call Sheet Template Sample - StudioBinder - iOS Mobile

Call sheets your talent and crew will actually enjoy reading

It’s supposed to be a call sheet, not a spreadsheet. Although we do attach PDF’s to emails, recipients would naturally prefer viewing a personalized, mobile-friendly call sheet instead.

Let’s face it. Who wants to download a bulky PDF file on their phone, pinch their screens to zoom in, and fish through generic information that is not tailored to them?

We’re establishing a better standard.

Call Sheet Template Sample - Mobile Confirmation Email - StudioBinder-min

StudioBinder Call Sheet Template and Software - Create call sheets online
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