Looking For Free Scheduling Software?

Find out how Studiobinder’s free scheduling software helps filmmakers create and send call sheets, manage talent and crew details, and securely backup files in the cloud.

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How StudioBinder Works


Add Talent & Crew

Talent and crew contacts display all key details that you need.


Create & Send Call Sheets

Send call sheets and track as your talent and crew confirm receipt.


Backup Production Files

Upload and share documents and media with your team.

The world’s best free scheduling software for filmmakers

Make your call sheet in under a minute with StudioBinder’s free scheduling software. The streamlined call sheet builder allows you to speed up your production workflow.

Hospital Search, Auto-Weather, and Map Links

We include hospital details and weather information based on set location that’s added. Map links are generated for quick and easy navigation.

Call Sheets Personalized

Quickly add individually tailored call times, custom parking instructions and private notes.

Scenes and Schedules

Easily create new schedules, add multiple scenes or company moves.

Create robust shooting schedules and call sheets.

StudioBinder’s free scheduling software allows filmmakers to create and send industry-standard call sheets to cast & crew. All call sheets are saved securely to the cloud so you can track as soon as recipients view their call sheet. See our call sheet example.

Manage film crew details with complete accuracy

Simply add cast and crew to your project or invite them to provide precise details to save you time collecting this information.

Bulk Importing Contacts

Now you can copy and paste all your film crew contacts directly into StudioBinder.

Creating Favorite Lists From Contacts

Do you often work with the same film crew? Then simply group contacts into multiple lists for easy importing into new projects.

Designed intuitive for the film producer that's on the move

We’ve streamlined the call sheet process to help you create call sheets in less than one minute. Saving you time and stress.

Emails Summaries

Cast and crew receive their individual call times in an email which highlight most relevant details.

PDFs That Are Personal

Attached to call sheet emails are print-friendly PDFs, and they are tailored to the recipient.

Living Call Sheet Pages

Auto-versioning to the latest call sheet will always be displayed online.

Manage All Your Film Productions With Ease

For complete visibility, your dashboard will have a full overview of the status of each call sheet and see exactly when cast and crew viewed or confirmed a call sheet. Say goodbye to follow up calls.

Manage Film Crew Call Sheet

Upload production documents and media in the cloud

StudioBinder’s free scheduling software goes where you go. Easily upload and share production media files and document with ease.

Secure Asset Management

Upload your any production document, including storyboards, location scout photos, invoices, release forms, stripboards, crew deal memos with encrypted access for added security.

Powerful Sharing Options

Share files with producers, coordinators, clients, executives, and your production unit.

Supreme Quality You Can Trust


Enterprise-Grade Security

StudioBinder is SSL certified and employs the same 256-bit file encryption that Fortune 500 companies rely on.

International friendly  |  StudioBinder

International Friendly

StudioBinder supports phone formats for 250 countries, celsius for weather, 24-hour clocks and DD/MM/YY date formatting.


Award-Winning Support

Rest easy knowing real people are on standby to help. Pro customers get the white-glove treatment.



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