Making It
From Pre-Production to Screen

StudioBinder is empowering the next generation of independent creators by featuring one filmmaker's journey to bring their script to life.


One filmmaker will have the opportunity to have their own project produced.


Meet and work with Hollywood professionals who will show you how to produce a film.


The project will be promoted, and premiere online to build a fanbase.

Why should you enter?

Get your project produced, and build your project's fanbase.

Give your idea life

If you've got a great idea for a film but haven't been able to bring it to life, this is your big chance. See what it's like to write, direct, and produce your unique idea.

Entry requirements

We're looking for writer/directors. Submissions must include why you'd be a good fit for the series. You must be located in LA, or willing to relocate for 60 days during the production.

Watch Season 1

In the last season of Making It, we featured a writer/director as he executed his vision for a comedy pilot titled "Mental Mistakes." Watch his entire journey.

Meet the partners

The leading casting service for talent and filmmakers.

Screenwriting competition platform and consultancy.

Largest database of screenwriting competition entries.

A better way to book filming locations and venues.

Payroll processing service for video production.

Provides flexible financing for media projects and producers.

Full service media company for emerging storytellers.

The top mentorship organization for indie filmmakers.


More partners and mentors coming soon.

Making It:

Your journey

We will assist you throughout the entire journey of bringing your concept to life. During pre-production, we will connect you with industry mentors and partners to get your project rolling on the right track. Develop the relationships that's take your career to the next level.

Create a shooting script

Our team of seasoned veterans can assist you with producing a final draft of your script, then meeting with key departments for input before locking the script.

Meet industry mentors

You'll meet with various mentors who each have a unique expertise in the world of production. This will give you a well rounded idea of what it takes to produce it — from the budget to the call sheet.

Location scout with crew

You and your crew will go on location scouts to find the perfect set locations for your scenes. You'll have special access to a database of filming location in Los Angeles. 

Get your project made

You'll do everything from hiring crew, building a shooting schedule, planning your shot lists, and more. Then lead your team on set and see if you can make the most of your filmmaking experience. 

The final cut!

Cut your film together, and go through the entire post-production process. Then invite your friends and sit back as we premiere your own film project.

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The Process

Submit your application

We'll assist you throughout the entire journey of bringing your concept to life. During pre-production, we will connect you with the appropriate to get your project made.

This is Making It.

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