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Intro to Script Breakdowns

A script breakdown is an inventory of the key elements embedded within a screenplay — scenes, cast, wardrobe, props, makeup, VFX, etc. — anything and everything that needs to be known. In this course, we will walk you through the process of breaking down a screenplay.

Lesson 1 — How to Import or Sync Your Script

In this video we cover every step of the breakdown process, from importing and/or syncing the screenplay to batch tagging characters and locations, and more.

Lesson 2 — How to Tag Elements

In this lesson, we explain the main task when breaking down a script: tagging your script elements.

Lesson 3 — How to Sync New Script Versions

In this lesson, we explain how to import and sync new script versions straight from the script breakdown page. 

Lesson 4 — How to View and Download Reports

In this lesson, we explain how to run the various script breakdown reports, including a script breakdown summary, a shooting schedule, an elements list, and DOOD reports. 

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