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Getting Started with StudioBinder

In this course, we run through each of the modules and features of StudioBinder, from writing and conceiving a project to the production stage.

Lesson 1 — An Overview of StudioBinder

StudioBinder is a production management software designed to fit any creative project. Through the StudioBinder Academy channel, you will be able to learn all of the software’s features and processes.

Lesson 2 — How to Set Up a Project

This video is a quick guide to setting up a project in StudioBinder. Once you’ve named your project, you will be prompted to choose which solution bundles to enable. Certain projects might not need every solution in StudioBinder, so to keep things simple, just select those you will need.

Lesson 3 — How to Collaborate with Team Members

In this lesson, we will quickly explain the various ways users can collaborate in StudioBinder. This installement explores how to give someone access to the entire project or if you want to limit their access to a specific portion.

First, decide whether to add them as collaborators or teammates. You can give your collaborators one of three different access levels, providing even more flexibility.

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Lesson 4 — Understanding Contact Management

In this lesson, we will quickly explain how to manage your contacts in StudioBinder. Here, you can create a virtual Rolodex of everyone you need to be in contact with, including your closest collaborators and the entire creative team.

With StudioBinder’s contact management system, you can customize each contact that can be quickly copied to any project. 

Lesson 5 — How Uploaded Media Works in StudioBinder

This lesson explains how to how to manage your media across projects in StudioBinder. In many scenarios, a piece of media or a file you used in a previous project can also be used in your current project.

Rather than finding and uploading multiple files repeatedly, all you need to do is import from StudioBinder Media Library. Any document or image uploaded to a project is also stored in an account-wide media library. 

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