Tutorials   How to Collaborate in StudioBinder

How to Collaborate in StudioBinder

Unlike so many other art forms, film is a collaborative process. This course series breaks down the steps necessary to collaborate using StudioBinder.  

Lesson 1 — How to Add and Remove Teammates

In the first episode episode, we're going to explore how to give someone access to the entire project in StudioBinder or if you want to limit their access to a specific portion.

Lesson 2 — How to Set Teammate Permissions

This video is a quick guide on how to set teammate permissions on your account.

Lesson 3 — Accepting Teammate Invitations

In this episode, we going to explain how to accept teammate invitations.

Lesson 4 — How to Work with Collaborators

In this video lesson, we'll dive into how to work with collaborators and the quick overview of all collaborators permissions.

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