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How to Format a Screenplay

Formatting a screenplay correctly is essential for presenting your work professionally. In this screenplay formatting course, we'll explore the key elements of a screenplay and how to use StudioBinder’s screenwriting tools to format your script according to industry standards.

Lesson 1 — How to Introduce a Character in a Screenplay

In this first lesson, we will dive into the formatting and storytelling considerations for introducing your characters in a screenplay. 

A character’s first introduction in a story is highly important — first impressions matter! This holds true for all types of writing, including screenwriting. But in that case, there are also specific formatting traditions you should be aware of.

Lesson 2 — How to Intercut Scenes in a Script

In this video, we will explain the most common methods of how to intercut scenes in a script. 

Lesson 3 — Screenplay Flashbacks Explained

In this screenplay tutorial, we’re going to walk you through the formatting conventions on writing a screenplay flashbacks.

Lesson 4 — When to Use Parentheticals in Screenplays

This lesson explains what are parentheticals in screenplays, when to use parentheticals, and how to format parentheticals in a script.

Lesson 5 — How to Write a Montage in a Screenplay

This lesson explains what is a montage in screenplays, when to use montage, and how to format montage
in a script.

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