How to Write a TV Treatment (with Examples)

So you have an idea, now what? We take you through the process of writing a TV treatment that takes it from a concept to a series with legs.

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How to write a tv TREATMENT: EPISODE 1

Is this a good idea for a tv show?

So it happened. Inspiration struck and now you have the best series idea ever. It's a show that the world has got to see. It's going to be huge! 

Now what? 

Well, first you're got to get it from your brain onto the page where you can share it with other people.

But an idea isn't good enough. You need to extract it to the nitty-grotty details. Series are about on-going problems and have to prove they have "legs" to keep going. 

Not every idea has the ability to go on for multiple episodes. So when you're sitting down to develop your story, you have to think about beginnings and endings.

Does your script set up backstory well?

Are you introducing a new global drive for your main characters?

Will there be a cliffhanger to keep viewers hooked?

Are the threads that exist in the pilot capable of unraveling over multiple seasons? 

All this is to ask:

does your screenplay have LEGS?

Are you thinking of on-going stories, or do you need to reexamine some of your themes to flesh them out more?

Tune in to find out! 

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Learn about screenwriting and story development

You have an idea for a story, but who's going to be in it? Learn about how to build better characters by formulating arcs that matter to the audience. 


  • How to track characters' emotional journeys
  • What beats to hit for peak emotional impact
  • FREE Story Template: The Story Speedometer

One of the best ways to get your idea onto the page is with an outline. It can help you see the story beats and decide what happens next. If you're concerned your story doesn't have legs, try our FREE OUTLINE TEMPLATE!  


  • What key elements need to occur in Acts I, II, III
  • Does your story have potential for more eps?
  • How each character will arc over time 

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