Location Lockdown

A film is only as good as the locations. Finding a great filming location that fits inside your budget isn't easy, especially when you need areas for lunch, parking, and staging equipment. 

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Set scouting begins

Finding a really great filming location for a professional production is one of the more difficult tasks you'll face. They can be expensive and you often need a place to park production trucks, bathrooms and dressing rooms for your cast and crew, and areas for food service. 

In the third episode of our Pre-Production web-series, we scout locations across Los Angeles to see if they fit the team's creative needs, but also the production's practical needs. Watch as they negotiate prices to see if the space fits in with the budget. What happens next?

Watch the episode to find out.

Free resources for location scouting

In this article, we’ll unpack the location securing process step-by-step, and provide you with a FREE FILMING LOCATION RELEASE FORM for use on your next project. 


  • How to secure a filming location
  • What to say when negotiating with owners
  • FREE Filming location release form for projects

Learn how to become a location scout to find the best filming locations for your next shoot. We also provide a FREE LOCATION SCOUTING CHECKLIST!  


  • What to look for at each location
  • Who to bring on your location scout 
  • FREE Location scouting checklist for projects 

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