Mission: Audition

Setting up casting calls and actor auditions are one of the most exciting parts of the pre-production process, but this is where things begin to get real. See us cast our short film below.

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To live and cast in LA

It's time for you to hold auditions and cast actors in the various roles you've created. This is where you begin to see your vision come to life, but there are many considerations including self-tapes, finding a space to hold your auditions, and creating script sides for actors. 

In the fourth episode of our Pre-Production web-series, we send out a casting call and secure a space to hold auditions. The team sees nearly 100 actors audition for five available roles. We also create script sides, see self-tapes, and do the table read through. What happens next?

Watch the episode to find out.

Learn about casting calls and auditions

Our free casting sheet template makes casting calls run smoother. We’ll take you through character breakdowns and sending callbacks, plus a FREE CASTING SHEET!


  • How to create character breakdowns.
  • How to find great casting call platforms.
  • FREE Casting sheet template for projects!

How do you make script sides for your film and how do you make it efficient? We'll show you exactly how to create script sides in minutes in our step-by-step article.


  • Learn why you need script sides
  • Learn to make script sides in minutes
  • Learn how to add a production letterhead 

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