Stripboard To Call Sheet.

The all-in-one film production software for agencies and production companies. Make your stripboard to call sheet process simpler with StudioBinder. call sheets, manage cast and crew details, securely backup files to the cloud, and create and send call sheets.

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How It Works


Add Talent & Crew

Talent and crew contacts display all the details you need.


Create & Send Call Sheets

Send call sheets and track as your talent and crew confirm receipt.


Backup Production Files

Upload and share documents and media with your team.

Making your stripboard to call sheet workflow simpler

Your stripboard to call sheet flow just became easier with StudioBinder. The entire process has been streamlined to save you time.

Auto-Weather, Hospitals and Map Links

We automatically insert weather and hospital details based on set location. Map links are generated for quick mobile navigation.

Personalized Call Sheets

Assign individual call times for your production crew, private notes, and custom parking instructions by recipient or department.

Add Robust Schedules

Turn your stripboard into robust production schedules with scenes and company moves.

The stripboard to call sheet process has evolved.

Our free, easy-to-use filmmaking software enables you to quickly create and send professional looking call sheets to talent & crew. Your call sheets are saved safely to the cloud so you can track when recipients view their call sheet, or confirm. See our call sheet example.

Manage your film crew contacts with complete accuracy

Add talent and crew to a project or invite them to provide accurate details to save you time. We auto-bucket contacts into departments for you.

Bulk Import

Import your entire email list directly into StudioBinder with a simple copy and paste.

Create Favorites Lists From Contacts

Find yourself working with the same talent or crew? Group contacts into lists for convenient importing into new projects.

Designed with the modern production team in mind

The entire call sheet process has been developed with efficiency in mind and to help you save time.

Emails Are Summarized with Key Points

Your talent and crew receive personalized call time emails that highlight only the relevant details that matter to them, with an option of viewing the full call sheet.

The Call Sheet PDF Is Personalized

We attach print-friendly call sheet PDF to emails that are sent. Every PDF is tailored to the recipient.

A Living and Breathing Online Call Sheet

Easily view the latest version of the call sheet online without having to flood your crews inbox.

Making Your Production Easy To Manage

Build unlimited call sheets and have complete oversight when they are opened and viewed. Feel confident knowing that your production crew will be on set and on time. Say goodbye to those tedious follow-up calls.

StudioBinder Stripboard To Call Sheet | Film Crew List

Upload, backup and share production documents in the cloud

StudioBinder’s film production software that goes where you go. Upload and share production documents with ease.

Secure Asset Management

Upload your celtx script, storyboards, location photos, invoices, release forms, crew deal memos and other documents securely with encrypted access for added security.

Robust Sharing

Upload and share files with your clients, executives, producers, coordinators and your production unit.

Supreme Quality You Can Trust


Enterprise-Grade Security

StudioBinder is SSL certified and employs the same 256-bit file encryption that Fortune 500 companies rely on.

International friendly  |  StudioBinder

International Friendly

StudioBinder supports phone formats for 250 countries, celsius for weather, 24-hour clocks and DD/MM/YY date formatting.


Award-Winning Support

Rest easy knowing real people are on standby to help. Pro customers get the white-glove treatment.



Join thousands of companies modernizing their workflows.

An efficient way to manage your film production. Make more progress in less time.