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Over the last few weeks, we’ve released a number of exciting updates on Studio Binder.

Today, we want to spotlight some of these updates. Let’s get started.

Toggle Invitation Emails Off

We now provide the option to disable invitation emails when you add a cast or crew member to your project.

The upside – your cast and crew isn’t requested to do anything before they receive their call sheet. The downside – you’ll have to manually add their contact details yourself (i.e. phone, profile image, role name/position, etc).

Ultimately, we believe the choice should be up to you.

You can toggle whether you want to send an invitation email within your Add Cast & Crew pop-up:

StudioBinder Free Call Sheet Template App

Call sheets are now fully responsive

The new call sheets page will display the percentage (and exact number) of recipients who viewed their call time emails, and how many have confirmed. Want to see who didn’t? We thought of that too. You can drill down to a person-by-person view as well.

3-How to Use Color in Film - Example of Movie Color Palette and Schemes - Color Theory Film - Balanced Colors-min

Accept project invites in-app

We’ve made it even easier for your cast & crew to accept project invites. In the event they forgot to accept your project (via their invite email), all they need to do is to log into their Studio Binder account, click on “Invited Projects”, and then simply “Accept Project.” Done. [Feature discontinued 2015]

3-How to Use Color in Film - Example of Movie Color Palette and Schemes - Color Theory Film - Balanced Colors-min

Claim Your StudioBinder Pro Discount

In a few weeks, we’ll be rolling out our new Pricing plans. In exchange for all the great feedback we’ve received during our beta period, we’re providing an exclusive 25-50% discount off any StudioBinder plan of your choosing (good for 3 months).

If you’d like to claim your discount, just click the button below.

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Create & send call sheets easier. Track views and RSVP’s instantly.

Create call sheets like a pro. Send via email or text. Track the views and RSVP's in a snap.

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