Announcing the New StudioBinder!


It’s our 1 year anniversary, and we have just unveiled StudioBinder 2.0, a holistic reimagining of our production management workflow, built from the ground up. We are excited to spotlight all the updates and new features in this brief overview.

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No More Limits.

Unlimited Call Sheets for Everyone… even the Free Plan.

We’ve done away with quotas and limits for call sheets. Sound good? We think so. Send as many call sheets as you like.  In fact, we now support sending call sheets for rehearsals, scouts, and meetings.

A new UI, because user experience matters.


Our new design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it rethinks previously clunky workflows, like adding recipients, cropping images, and managing contacts.

Now with a more industry

standard call sheet template,

but as elegant as ever.

New contact management for easier importing between projects


Introducing Favorites Lists

Create lists of talent or crew you frequently work with, so you can quickly import them into projects in a snap.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.15.58 PM

Import Contacts from Previous Projects

Import entire contact lists from previous projects with a simple search and select.

Backup Your Production Files on StudioBinder


Our new File Manager allows you to backup everything you would want on a project– scripts, sides, storyboards, contracts, releases, vendor agreements, anything! When you wrap a project, archive it away and know all of your files are safely stored with the same 256-bit file encryption that Fortune 500 companies rely on.

Wizard – Step 1

Extending call sheets into pre-production.

If you’re on the Professional plan, you can now send call sheets for rehearsals, location scouts, production meetings. All verbiage will be adjusted to match each use case.

This extends all of the efficiency benefits of tailored call time emails, map links, schedules and, most importantly, confirmations to non-shoot days.

Call Sheet@2x

A Brand New Call Sheet Builder

We are happy to announce the brand-new three-step wizard. The changes are outlined below:

– See what your call sheet looks like as you edit it

– Send and track call sheets for rehearsals, scouts, and meetings

– All addresses auto-corrected as you go. We fix typos and fill in the blanks

– Bulk edit call times, custom parking and notes individually

– Improved weather, now with sunrise & sunset times

– Add a custom production logo to the callsheet

– Add custom headers and footers (great for walkie channels or additional notes)

– We have a section for key contacts on the shoot (i.e. executive producer, director, 1st AD, line producer, etc.). This entire block is editable.

– Add up to two hospitals

– Toggle to show / hide email and phone numbers of specific talent & crew

– Attach files to call sheet emails. Great for maps, scripts, and supporting docs!

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