Finale: Mental Mistakes

The wait is over! In our final episode, we take a quick look back at the production and discuss takeaways. At the end, you'll see the fruits of our labor with the premiere of Mental Mistakes.

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It's go time!

We developed an idea for a TV show. We wrote the pilot script, and then secured a budget for a pilot presentation. We went through the entire Pre-Production process from breaking down our script, creating a film budget, hiring key department heads, shot listing, building a production calendar, securing locations, holding auditions, holding a table read through, securing film crew and equipment, and then producing the proof of concept for a TV series. 

In the final episode of our Pre-Production web-series, we go over what we learned. We talk about the trials and tribulations of making movies, but also the successes and memories that will stay with the entire team, and live on in the pilot presentation for Mental Mistakes.

Thank you for watching! You can submit your own idea for a chance to have it produced in season 2 of our Pre-Production web-series, Making It.

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