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A Producer's Guide to Call Sheets

In this course, a working producer will walk you through his process of creating and using a professional StudioBinder's call sheet feature.

Lesson 1 — How to Make a Call Sheet

A call sheet provides your talent and crew with all the necessary information they need to get to production on time. In this lesson, we’re going over every element and option available in StudioBinder’s call sheet software.  

Lesson 2 — The Anatomy Of A Call Sheet

In this lesson, 1st AD Alex Stein breaks down the fundamentals of a good call sheet template: crew call times, weather, locations, schedule, and more. 

Lesson 3 — Using Special Call Sheet Instructions

This episode we'll be breaking down how (and why) you should be using the special instructions field inside your call sheet.

Lesson 4 — How to Send a Call Sheet in StudioBinder

In this call sheet tutorial, we'll show you how to edit your call sheet details and easily send them to your cast and crew.

Lesson 5 — Creating Mini Schedules

In this lesson, we'll provide pro tips when creating a shooting schedule inside your call sheet.

Lesson 6 — How to Add a Meal Break

This tutorial covers how to add meal times on your call sheet and some best practices.

Lesson 7 — How to Add Location 

In this call sheet tutorial, we're talking about adding locations on your call sheet so you can easily highlight the parking details, nearby hospitals, and more.

Lesson 8 — How to Add Crew Details 

In this lesson, we're talking about making contact details visible/hidden, and adding VIP's to the call sheet.

Lesson 9 — How to Add Staggering Call Times 

In the final lesson of the course, we're breaking down how you should be staggering call times on your call sheet.

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