The Best Alternative to Celtx

Looking for a Celtx script writing alternative? StudioBinder provides a film production project management solution for agencies, indies, and studios. Read the full Celtx review and comparison below.

StudioBinder Film Project Management Software - Best Alternative to Celtx

Different Approaches

Celtx is a document builder. StudioBinder is mission control.

Celtx screenwriting software is a cloud based solution that provides indie filmmakers with tools to generate production documents. Celtx operates much like a spreadsheet.

You input data into a cell, and then export a PDF.

Celtx Studio is similar to StudioBinder, but it does not provide the same A-to-Z functionality that links your tasks, calendars, contact messaging, and other project management to improve collaboration across teams.

This modern approach is what defines us here at StudioBinder.

This is all to say:

Celtx Studio is a document builder

StudioBinder is mission control for production teams.

User experience

StudioBinder is more intuitive

StudioBinder is known for its modern, intuitive design.

Everything is where you'd expect it to be. No special training is required to get started.

You’ll get more video production management features than Celtx without having to navigate a maze of interfaces. 

Fewer clicks. Quicker results.

Better experience.

StudioBinder Film Production Scheduling Software - Team Collaboration

Celtx Script Writing Software

Intuitive screenwriting solution

Celtx screenwriting solution solution is collaborative, but the user experience doesn't come close to StudioBinder's scriptwriting software.

Industry Standard Format

Celtx Studio has a screenwriting feature that build script with industry standard format, similar to Final Draft, but the software doesn't teach you along the way like our software.

Collaborative Screenwriting

Celtx screenwriting can be done with a writing partner or team, but you won't get the same robust collaborative functionality as you do with StudioBinder.

User Friendly Experience

Celtx script writing software is slower and has a much less intuitive interface, which means your creativity can be stifled by a confusing and frustrating writing experience.  

Feature by Feature

Interface Comparison

Best Alternative to Celtx? Meet StudioBinder's Free Screenwriting Software
StudioBinder Free Screenwriting Software for Filmmaking
Best Alternative to Celtx? Meet StudioBinder's Scriptwriting Software
StudioBinder Free Scriptwriting Application for Filmmaking
Best Alternative to Celtx? Meet StudioBinder's Free Scriptwriting Application
StudioBinder Free Screenwriting Software for Filmmakers - Add Comments

Interactive Demo

Touring Man Screenplay in StudioBinder

Call Sheet Creator

Industry standard call sheets with more clarity

StudioBinder and Celtx app both offer online call sheet builders. However, the process couldn't be more different.

Easier to Create

StudioBinder auto-populates call sheets with data from other pages, and you can include personalized notes and file attachments like maps in every email. 

Our call sheets are integrated with Google Places and DarkSky Weather APIs to automatically include Google maplinks and up-to-date weather changes.

Easier to Send

Celtx can not send call sheets — you'll need to download and compose emails.

StudioBinder sends call sheets as emails, PDFs and text messages with one-click. Every recipient receives a personalized email digest with the information that pertains to them like call time, parking details, map links to the location, and a "Confirm" button to RSVP so that no one is left behind on your production. 

Easier to Track

Celtx does not track the delivery of a call sheet.

StudioBinder tracks the delivery status, view counts, and RSVPs of every call sheet that is sent to a specific recipient. Notice someone didn't open their call sheet? No problem, you know exactly why, and can swiftly resolve and resend.

Feature by Feature

Interface Comparison

The Best Alternative to Celtx Call Sheet Software
StudioBinder Free Film Call Sheet Software - Sample Call Sheet