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Film Crew Jobs, Equipment, and Production Insurance 

It's time to build your entire film crew for various jobs and duties, and secure your production equipment. This means camera, sound, and design. Don't forget deal memos and production insurance. 

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How to secure crew and gear up  

It's time to put together you entire film crew for the various production jobs and duties, but also secure the filming equipment you'll need for the day. This includes your camera, sound, design, grip equipment, craft services, lunch, deal memos, and production insurance

In the fifth episode of our pre-production web-series, we put together our film crew and find people right for the job, as well as securing deal memos, negotiating for film equipment, and preparing the call sheets and contacts list for the big filming weekend.  What happens next?

Watch the episode to find out:

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Learn about film crew jobs, contact lists, and call sheets

A definitive guide to creating, sending and tracking a Call Sheet for film and TV shoots. Includes a FREE CALL SHEET TEMPLATE and Online Call Sheet Builder!


  • How to create professional call sheets
  • What information needs to be on the call sheet
  • FREE Call Sheet Template for projects!

Your film crew is the meat and bones of your next production. Here is the definitive guide to finding and hiring the best film crew for your production. 


  • What to look for in each film crew position.
  • The various crew duties and job descriptions.
  • Who to hire first so that you get the best crew. 

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