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Before you write your screenplay, you need a solid film treatment template to nail down both plot and structure.

Free Film Treatment Template for Film and TV - StudioBinder
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Includes everything a film treatment template needs to get you ready to write.

Free Film Treatment Template for Filmmakers - Free Download - StudioBinder

Watch: How to Write a Treatment for Film and TV

 Curious about writing an awesome film treatment? Learn how to write a film treatment.

Free Film Treatment Template for Filmmakers - Free Download - StudioBinder

A film treatment template that has the essentials

The film treatment template provides the structure you need to evoke the vision of your story.​

Film Treatment Template Includes:

  • Structured layout with easy-to-read text
  • Dedicated spots for your logline, characters and synopsis
  • Example of Blade Runner to get the juices flowing

Best Practices for Writing a Film Treatment

Free Film Treatment Template - How to Write a Film Treatemnt Like a Pro - StudioBinder

Learn more about the nuances of writing a film treatment with our companion post How to Write a Film Treatment.


  • The origins of a film treatment
  • The ideal length of a film treatment
  • How to write a film treatment with examples
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