Finding a good acting agency can be a major step in moving forward with your career. An agent can connect you with opportunities and auditions, advise on contract negotiations, and provide a helpful mentorship role as you navigate your career. But how do you find an agent? In this post, we’ll break down the best acting agencies for beginners to professionals in Hollywood today, from the Big 4 high profile best acting agencies to smaller boutique firms for working actors. We’ll also give you an idea of what agents looking for actors want to see if you do manage to grab their attention. 

Best Acting Agencies: The Big 4

Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

A glimpse into one of the Best Acting Agencies

Creative Artists Agency (or CAA) is one of the oldest and biggest acting agencies in Hollywood. CAA represents a star-studded roster and is not generally the first agency an actor will sign with, but it is good to put a pin in their name and perk your ears up if you meet anyone who says they work there!

Top Acting Agency


Creative Artists Agency is one of the top modeling and acting agencies in the industry. However, they are inaccessible to most new talent, and the most likely path to working with them is starting with a smaller, boutique agency. 

Best Acting Agencies: The Big 4

William Morris Agency (WME)

What Are Acting Agencies Looking For?

On par with Creative Artists Agency is William Morris Agency. In terms of client roster and company size, WME is slightly smaller, but still boasts a broad, international network and high level talent. As with CAA, you won’t likely start out with WME, but you can mark them as one to work towards. As with many agencies, agents looking for actors at the top firms want to see a body of work already gaining traction.

Best Acting Agencies


As with any of the Big 4, William Morris Agency is out of reach for most new talent. They have an excellent pool of resources and a lot of big name talent on their roster, but the way to work with them is to already have traction in your career. 

Best Acting Agencies: The Big 4

United Talent Agency (UTA)

Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks

Another top acting agency that is more for the big fish than the new Hollywood arrival, United Talent Agency (UTA) is part of the Big 4 top acting agencies for good reason. They boast not only many high profile clients but a seasoned team of professionals with reach into many aspects of the business, and working with them is an asset to any creative professional. 

The Big 4 Top Acting Agencies


United Talent Agency is another excellent top-tier acting agency. However, they are not a starting point for the newcomer, and it is best to begin with a more boutique agency. 

Best Acting Agencies: The Big 4

The Gersh Talent Agency

How to Get an Acting Agent

While the other Big 4 are only for big name, highly established talent, The Gersh Talent Agency is a more mid-level agency. However, they still like to see an established resume and do not accept cold calls.

This is a good agency that often represents acting talent who have “faces that are more recognizable than their names,” and who work steadily in Hollywood even if they aren’t über-stars. 

The Big 4 Top Acting Agencies


The Gersh Agency is another excellent agency that works with many recognizable actors. Signing with them could be a major step in an actor’s career, but to get there, start with developing your portfolio and network.

Boutique Top Acting Agencies

Greene & Associates Talent Agency

Acting Advice

While the Big 4 remain inaccessible to most new talent, a good stepping stone is to start with one of the smaller, boutique good acting agencies and build up your resume with consistent work. Greene & Associates is an up-and-coming acting agency that is still boutique in nature but building major traction with highly successful clients. 

Top Acting Agencies


You don’t need a huge, top tier agency to move forward with your career. Greene & Associates can be an excellent agency for emerging talent. But as with the Big 4, you do need an industry referral. 

Best Acting Agencies for Working Actors 


What Casting Directors are Looking For

Buchwald is another example of the many excellent boutique modeling and acting agencies with offices in Los Angeles and New York. This is an excellent agency for working actors, but they are also connected and powerful enough to arrange some of the biggest deals in the industry. 

Agencies for Working Actors


A leading national boutique agency in the United States, prefers an industry referral but you can send them your headshot and resume in the mail. However, before doing so, make sure you have a resume first! Most agents looking for actors aren’t interested in talent who have yet to do any work. 

Top Acting Agencies for Working Actors

Osbrink Talent Agency

How to Get an Acting Agent

The Osbrink Talent Agency specializes in breaking talent. Unlike many of the top modeling and acting agencies, even the more boutique ones, Osbrink does accept submissions. They are one of the best acting agencies for beginners and they specialize in signing and developing new faces, and they work in film, television, and commercials, as well as other areas of the industry. 

Boutique Acting Agencies


An all-ages, multidiscipline agency, the Osbrink Talent Agency is an excellent place to start for working actors. As with any agency, build up your portfolio for your best chances of making it through their submission process!

Top Casting Agencies for Working Actors 

Central Casting

What It’s Like to Be a Background Actor

A great way to accrue a work history in Hollywood is by booking as many background gigs as possible. It shows you’re willing to work and puts you in settings where you can broaden your network and learn about the industry. Central Casting is one the go-to good acting agencies for beginners looking to find background acting gigs. 

Background Acting Agencies


Central Casting is a great place to start if you want to get work and start building your resume. This is one of the acting agencies that accept new talent. You can make an appointment right now to get started with booking background acting work!

Best Casting Agencies for Working Actors 

CESD Talent Agency

Make the Best of Your Audition

CESD Talent Agency is one of the more accessible casting agencies for actors, while still being able to land their clients exciting roles that move their career forward. Often CESD is one of the acting agencies that accept new talent, so it is worth submitting. If you also have a voiceover reel, they are an excellent place to move the needle not only on your acting work but also to level up your voiceover presence. 

Background Acting Agencies


CESD does accept headshots, CV’s, and postcard invitations. The agency works with a unique team-based structure so that each client is supported by a full team of agents looking for opportunities. 


Learn More About Talent Agencies

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