How often do you find yourself scrolling through Netflix for an hour trying to find something to watch? The next time that happens, put down the remote for a second and bring up this list.

We’ll be updating this guide to the best movies on Netflix monthly, so all of you aspiring filmmakers out there can keep up with what you need to watch next.

From horror to comedy and everything in between, it’s all gathered right here. We’ll rank each film based on its acting, filmmaking, writing, and overall entertainment value for people bored on Friday night.

Of all the top Netflix movies available to stream, who knows? One of them may well inspire your next project.

New Original Netflix Movies

#Alive (2020)

#Alive  •  Trailer

#Alive is a particularly potent zombie thriller. It follows a streamer who’s trapped in his flat when the zombie apocalypse breaks out outside. He finds someone to communicate with across the road, and together, they try to make it out alive. In our time of social distancing and quarantine, it’s a nice reminder of the importance of forging connections with others even as society crumbles around us.


Critic Review Highlight

#Alive is a great South Korean zombie flick. And if you want to see what the genre is really capable of in the country, then you should watch Train to Busan next.

Great Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

Cam (2018)

Cam  •  Trailer

Cam screenwriter Isa Mazzei actually worked as a cam girl herself. She wanted to show what that world was like and considered making a documentary before deciding a horror film would be a better medium for showcasing this world. Having your image stolen and not feeling comfortable turning to the police are real issues in that world. And that reality is better expressed in a psychological horror than if it were presented as a documentary.


Critic Review Highlight

Cam invites you to a world you may not be all too familiar with. After getting frightened, it may entice you to learn more about the profession and the real-life hardships these workers face.

Best Films of All Time on Netflix

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Sleepy Hollow  •  Trailer

If there’s one thing Sleepy Hollow is noteworthy for, it’s the art direction. Everything from the costumes to the sets perfectly brings you into this haunting world. It’s often overlooked as a Tim Burton film, but it’s glorious to behold.


Critic Review Highlight

A detective is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a string of mysterious deaths. It’s the exact kind of film Tim Burton was born to make, and it’s the type of movie he should go back to.

Great Films Finally on Netflix

Zodiac (2007)

Zodiac  •  Trailer

Zodiac is one of David Fincher’s best films. He creates such a tense atmosphere. Every camera movement is precise, and it’s a nearly perfect thriller. The craftsmanship on display makes sense considering Fincher would sometimes need 70 takes of the same scene before getting it right. He may be a perfectionist, but when the final product is one of the best films of the 21st century, he earns some forgiveness.


Critic Review Highlight

Zodiac has a way of crawling under your skin. The lingering mystery of the Zodiac killer as presented in the film has a way of keeping you up at night.

Horror Films to Watch on Netflix

The Guest (2014)

The Guest  •  Trailer

Adam Wingard’s previous effort, You’re Next, subverted expectations, becoming one of the most gruesomely delightful, and underrated, horror films in recent memory. He followed it up with The Guestwhich also leaves you guessing as to what’s about to happen from one scene to the next. It’s best to go into the film knowing virtually nothing, so you can be completely struck with how insane the movie gets.


Critic Review Highlight

The Guest is thoroughly engaging and a ton of fun. You just need to kick back and watch the madness unfold.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Poltergeist (1982)

Poltergeist  •  Trailer

There’s been a lot of commotion over the years about whether Tobe Hooper or Steven Spielberg did most of the directorial work on Poltergeist. But in recent years, cast members have come to the side of Hooper, insisting he was the one there every day setting up shots and blocking actors. As a director, it’s tough when so much rests on your shoulders and people try to take it away from you. But Poltergeist avoided the fate of so many other films and managed to be a huge success despite a struggle for creative control from various sources.


Critic Review Highlight

Poltergeist set the stage for so many other ghost stories to follow. Its influence can be felt in horror films to this day.

Good Netflix Movies for Directors

Da 5 Bloods (2020)

Da 5 Bloods  •  Trailer

Da 5 Bloods is Spike Lee’s newest joint about a group of veterans who return to Vietnam to find the remains of their deceased squadron leader as well as a treasure they buried all those years ago. The film shows how Lee is one of our greatest talents today as a director, particularly in the way he films the flashback sequences, which were done with 16 mm film, the stock that would have been available during the time of the Vietnam War. Undoubtedly, this will be remembered as one of Spike Lee’s best films.  


Critic Review Highlight

Da 5 Bloods is particularly relevant to what’s going on in America right now. Aside from its timely themes, it also features a showstopping performance from Delroy Lindo.

Top Rated Netflix Movies Ever

Being John Malkovich (1999)

Being John Malkovich  •  Trailer

Being John Malkovich is essential viewing for anyone interested in postmodernism. The film utilizes magical realism in how it allows everyday humans to take control of a famous actor. But intertextuality also plays a seminal role. Part of the fun of the film involves knowing who John Malkovich is and seeing him defy expectations as Malkovich plays himself. The film wouldn’t have the same impact of longevity if it used a fictitious actor, allowing the movie to stand the test of time.


Critic Review Highlight

Being John Malkovich expertly blends comedy with heart. It defined Charlie Kaufman’s style throughout his career, including his latest Netflix project.

Netflix Streaming Movies for Filmmakers

I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

I'm Thinking of Ending Things  •  Trailer

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a denser film than what may appear on the surface. The story of a woman wanting to break up with her boyfriend of six weeks is intercut with various scenes that don’t make a lot of sense at first. You have to be willing to roll with the absurdity and Charlie Kaufman’s patented disjointing. But the performances bolster this film to something that warrants Academy consideration.


Critic Review Highlight

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a dark, cerebral tale. It also shows the rewards you can reap when you take risks with visual storytelling.

Must Watch Movies on Netflix at This Moment

Midnight Special (2016)

Midnight Special  •  Trailer

A lot of films try to emulate Steven Spielberg’s directing style. Few films pull it off as well as Midnight Special. It’s a film about a father and his son who are pursued by religious extremists after they discover the boy has special powers. The visual style and plot centering on the relationship between a boy and his father are both very Spielberg-esque, and the entire movie has a sense of wonder and mystery that has you constantly ruminating about what’s going to happen next.


Critic Review Highlight

Midnight Special is one of the more imaginative sci-fi films to come out in recent years. The grounded characters help sell the mystery.

Dark Netflix Movies

Nightcrawler (2014)

Nightcrawler  •  Trailer

Nightcrawler is a unique story in that its protagonist, Lou Bloom, has no character arc. He’s an unethical person at the beginning and remains that way throughout the film. He doesn’t learn any lessons by seeing the dark sides of capitalism and consumer demand. Instead, he embodies the worst components of those ideas. He shows what kind of person you have to become the make it in the world, and the answer is a sociopath.


Critic Review Highlight

Nightcrawler is a compelling character study. Anyone interested in films about capitalism or antiheroes needs to add this to their must-watch list.

Top Rated Movies on Netflix

Spotlight (2015)

Spotlight  •  Trailer

On its surface, Spotlight shouldn’t be as engaging as it is. It’s largely devoid of conflict and instead follows the journalists as they gradually piece together pieces of the story concerning abuse in the Catholic church. In fact, many of the scenes that didn’t actually happen concern authority figures warning the journalists to stay away from this story (i.e. the scenes that add conflict). However, Spotlight appropriately shines a light on a story that needs to be remembered so that no one forgets the sins of the past.


Critic Review Highlight

Spotlight portrays journalists unlike any other film. They don’t break laws to get a story or resort to sensationalism. They do their job, and the film excels in showing the importance of journalism in the modern age.

New Netflix Movies

Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems  •  Trailer

The Safdie Brothers have a unique way of casting their films. In their other excellent film, Good Time, Robert Pattinson plays a robber on the run, playing against time from how a lot of audiences viewed him. For Uncut GemsAdam Sandler is playing someone unlike any character he’s ever played. And in both cases, it absolutely works better than it ever should. If you end up liking the film, check out our Uncut Gems screenplay analysis to dive deeper into how the directors put anxiety on the page.


Critic Review Highlight

Uncut Gems has a kind of energy that’s hard to come by. It pulls you in and all you can do is go along with the ride at every wild twist and turn.

Latest Netflix Movies to Stream

Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

Fiddler  on the  Roof  •  Trailer

Breaking the fourth wall is typically done for comedic effect. However, Fiddler on the Roof does it for a much different reason. During those moments, Tevye discusses important concepts to the Jewish community. It gives the audience time to reflect on the musical’s themes before we get back into another number.


Critic Review Highlight

If you need another musical fix after watching Hamilton, then check out Fiddler on the Roof. The classic musical has been faithfully put to screen, and it’s a chance to view one of the older offerings available on Netflix.

Classic Movies on Netflix Now

West Side Story (1961)

West Side Story  •  Trailer

With Steven Spilberg directing a remake, now’s the perfect time to revisit an all-time classic musical. Inspired by Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story follows two star-crossed lovers from rival New York street gangs. In particularly, it’s important to pay attention to the editing, which is fast-paced as ever and allows a movie that’s nearly 60 years old to still feel vibrant and energetic.


Critic Review Highlight

West Side Story is one of the older films you’ll find on Netflix. As such, it’s important to watch so that hopefully the streaming platform will add more classics to its library.

Netflix Original Movies

Atlantics (2019)

Atlantics  •  Trailer

Atlantics is one of the most rewarding cinematic experiences of 2019. It almost feels as if the film created its own genre: Just when you think you know where its plot is headed, it changes direction on you.

That misdirection—that sense of gradual discovery with new narrative development—isn’t frustrating. It’s rewarding.


Critic Review Highlight

Atlantics may not have received the recognition other Netflix originals have, but it deserves to be seen all the same. The film announces the arrival of emerging auteur in director Mati Diop, and it’ll get you excited to see what she does next.

Fantastic Netflix Originals

The Platform (2019)

The Platform  •  Trailer

Many movies of late are obsessed with class warfare. From Parasite to Joker, many films explore the division between the upper and lower classes. The Platform follows in this tradition, serving as a political allegory. It takes place in a prison where food is lowered one level at a time until nothing is left for the prisoners at the bottom. Resources literally “trickle down,” so anyone who was a fan of Parasite will also find substance in this sci-fi flick.


Critic Review Highlight

The Platform isn’t exactly subtle with the message it’s trying to get across. Fortunately, it’s packaged in an engaging thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the final moments.

Best Netflix Original Movies That Won Oscars

Roma (2018)

Roma  •  Trailer

Yalitza Aparicio, who plays Cleo in Roma, had no prior acting experience. And yet she still landed an Oscar nomination in the role of a housekeeper for a wealthy family. It was a decision worth making thanks to how much more submersize it makes the film feel. The black-and-white aesthetic combined with the long shots of a Mexico from decades in the past really transports in a way few films accomplish successfully.


Critic Review Highlight

Roma earned a lot of Oscar recognition. And it helped pave the way for another non-English film, Parasite, to ultimately take home the big prize.

Top 10 Netflix Movies Currently Available

Mean Streets (1973)

Mean Streets  •  Trailer

Mean Streets is one of Martin Scorsese’s earliest films. And it shows everything Scorsese represents as a filmmaker. Not only does it follow the New York mafia, but it also spends a great deal of time focusing on the protagonist’s Catholicism. Scorsese is very interested in religion, which becomes abundantly clear as you peruse his filmography, and it all started with Mean Streets.


Critic Review Highlight

Scorsese is now directing Netflix originals like The Irishman. But plenty of his other offers, like Mean Streets, should also be viewed to see a master at work.

Horror Films on Netflix for Halloween

Holidays (2016)

Holidays  •  Trailer

Holidays is a horror anthology consisting of various short films, each one centered around a different holiday. From Valentine’s Day to New Year’s, and of course Halloween, Holidays is a great watch for budding horror filmmakers. The reason being each segment is so unique in tone and style. Some are goofy. Others are downright disturbing. It may be a bit of a mixed bag in terms of quality, but it’s great viewing to see how you can freak people out in so many ways.


Critic Review Highlight

Holidays is a horror movie you can watch any time of year. Whether you want scares for Halloween or something off the beaten path for St. Patrick’s Day, Holidays provides year-round frights.

Good Netflix Movies for Kids

The Witches (1990)

The Witches  •  Trailer

The Witches holds a special place in many people’s hearts considering it was the last film Jim Henson worked on before his death. The prosthetics and puppets in the costume have that patented Henson charm. It’s scary but whimsical at the same time. Turns out, it could have been a lot scarier, but the director cut out several scenes out of fear they would terrify a younger audience.


Critic Review Highlight

A boy and his grandmother discover a coven of witches are brewing a sinister plot. While Netflix has a lot of horror movies to watch, few of them are appropriate for children, making this a real rare find on the streaming service.

Popular Movies People Love on Netflix

The Girl With All the Gifts (2016)

The Girl With All The Gifts  •  Trailer

The book and screenplay for The Girl With All the Gifts were written at the same time. This undoubtedly helped give the book more of a cinematic quality while helping keep the focus on the characters for the movie. In either case, the result is a thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure where a virus spreads throughout humanity, turning people into zombies.


Critic Review Highlight

If you find yourself wanting to watch a pandemic film, then watch The Girl With All the Gifts. It’s a step above many other zombie films for the thought-provoking questions it poses regarding the nature of humans.

A Filmmaker’s Netflix Movies List

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Safety Not Guaranteed  •  Trailer

Safety Not Guaranteed shows the evolution of the mumblecore movement. It takes characters typical in classic mumblecore films, namely slack-jawed losers with no direction in life, and puts them in a romantic comedy featuring a smidge of time travel. It’s a movie with modest ambitions but excels thanks to how charming it ends up being. 


Critic Review Highlight

Safety Not Guaranteed shows filmmakers how you can do a lot with a little. You can have an “out there” premise as long as you ground it in relatable characters with goals that make sense.

Top Netflix Movies Right Now

The Florida Project (2017)

The Florida Project  •  Trailer

Disney may not want anyone filming at their parks and resorts without their permission, but that didn’t stop Sean Baker from doing so. He used an iPhone 6S Plus and a minimal crew to film some scenes at the resort, and it’s truly intriguing to watch how they kept the aesthetic of the film during those portions. It’s not just a gimmick, either. The idea of Disney World ties into the themes of childhood and how children are uniquely qualified to create their own form of happiness.


Critic Review Highlight

The Florida Project was overlooked upon its release, but it’s one of the best films of 2017. Don’t ignore it now that it’s on Netflix.

Top Netflix Movies Right Now

Taxi Driver (1976)

Taxi Driver  •  Trailer

Netflix isn’t particularly known for having a ton of older, classic movies. That’s why when a masterpiece like Taxi Driver gets on the service, you should watch it immediately. Before Martin Scorsese was directing Netflix originals, he made the film that would go on to define the 1970s. The story of a disaffected taxi driver who descends further into insanity is still sadly prescient in today’s world, and there’s a lot for film students to dissect from this film from a technical standpoint.


Critic Review Highlight

Taxi Driver is one of the all-time greats. And if you liked 2019’s Jokerthen you owe it to yourself to watch the movie that inspired much of it.

Best Comedies on Netflix

The Death of Stalin (2018)

The Death of Stalin  •  Trailer

Dramatizing the death of Stalin is one thing, but making a comical farce out of the event and the ensuing power struggle must have been a monumental task. The movie was banned in Russia, but anyone who wants to give it a chance will find a hilarious piece of art with timely parallels to our current political state. It’s a superb example of a dark comedy that balances out its varying tones with such expert precision.


Critic Review Highlight

You don’t have to be a political scientist to enjoy The Death of Stalin. You just need an open mind and a willingness to laugh at humanity’s darkest corners.

Popular Movies to Watch on Netflix

The Founder (2016)

The Founder  •  Trailer

The Founder follows a person responsible for changing society as we know it. And in both cases, the person pulling the strings isn’t some kind-hearted, gentle soul. Ray Kroc takes advantage of the true founders of McDonald’s, never giving them the money they were owed. It’s fascinating watching a global behemoth emerge in front of your eyes on screen.


Critic Review Highlight

The Founder is an intriguing biography. It shows the dark side of the famous fast food chain and may make you think twice about eating there again.

Latest Netflix Movies Added

Adrift (2018)

Adrift  •  Trailer

Survival stories have a primal quality to them. After all, one of the earliest types of stories ever told is “man vs. nature.” That’s precisely what Adrift presents with a young couple heading out to sail on the open sea. Of course, things don’t go as planned when they encounter harsh storms. It’s becomes a fight for survival with a twist to keep you hooked the entire time.


Critic Review Highlight

Adrift has a very YA-vibe to it. But with plenty of hard left turns, the film avoids getting stagnant for an engrossing 96 minutes.

Great Netflix Movies for Filmmakers

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

The Killing of a Sacred Deer  •  Trailer

What makes a good horror film? You may not think The Killing of a Sacred Deer is horror on its surface, but the way it churns the stomach is similar to what you would get watching any gore fest. You know these characters are heading for oblivion, and all you can do is watch as you recognize their lives are taking a dramatic turn for the worse at every corner.


Critic Review Highlight

Yorgos Lanthimos is one of the most interesting directors working today. The Favourite and The Lobster may have gotten more mainstream attention, but you shouldn’t ignore The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

Top Rated Netflix Movies for Kids

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball  •  Trailer

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have made careers taking ideas that shouldn’t work and turning them into bonafide hits. From a reimagining of 21 Jump Street to a movie about LEGOs, a movie about raining food somehow fits perfectly within their filmography. They’re a prime example of how there’s no such thing as a bad idea. Just bad execution.


Critic Review Highlight

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is a fantastic animated children’s film. It’s the kind of lighthearted project to turn on when you just need to unwind after a tough week.

Netflix Original Documentaries

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution 

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

Directors Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht wanted to create an experience as though the viewer was being transported to Camp Jened while watching Crip Camp. They expected people to feel uncomfortable at first but slowly realize how joyous of a camp it is. An audience will get to witness a teen disability summer camp up close and personal, providing an enlightening look at the struggle the disabled community has had in the fight for civil rights.


Critic Review Highlight

Crip Camp is an eye-opening experience. It’s bound to be one of the most talked about documentaries of 2020, so don’t miss it.

Best Netflix Original Movies

13th (2016)

13th  •  Trailer

A great deal of social upheaval has taken place over the last year. And if you’re interested in learning more about the root of that unrest, just watch 13th from director Ava DuVernay. The film explores mass incarceration in the United States and how it disproportionately impacts Black Americans. It all can be traced back to the passage of the 13th Amendment, which most people learn in high school abolished slavery but actually just altered the definition. The 13th Amendment still allows for slavery except for punishment of a crime. It’s eye-opening, shocking, and will make you want to protest for a better tomorrow.


Critic Review Highlight

13th is arguably the most essential documentary to watch in the 21st century. It shows just how much farther we have to go as a country to right the wrongs of the past.

Must Watch Movies on Netflix for Cinephiles

Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale  •  Trailer

Rebooting a beloved character is not easy, especially when you plan on changing him so drastically. Casino Royale had the herculean task of making James Bond relevant in the 21st century, and it more than succeeded. It provided a different kind of Bond, one vastly unique from other iterations. And with Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond coming to an end, it’s the perfect chance to see what some would argue is his best foray into the character.


Critic Review Highlight

Before you check out No time to Die, you should make time to rewatch Casino Royale. It reminds you of how tough it will be to find someone to replace Daniel Craig.

Amazing New Movies on Netflix

Disclosure (2020)

Disclosure  •  Trailer

Disclosure provides fascinating insight into the transgender experience in modern America. And a big part of that experience involves seeing (often not-so-flattering) portrayals in the media. Featuring interviews with filmmakers like Lilly Wachowski and Susan Stryker, as well as actors, musicians, and producers, Disclosure sheds knowledge everyone needs to know and understand.


Critic Review Highlight

Disclosure is powerful. It recontextualizes movies and TV shows from the past to show how an entire group of people has often existed solely as the butt of the joke. And that group is ready to reclaim its place with dignity.

Must Watch Movies on Netflix

She’s Gotta Have It (1986)

She's Gotta Have It  •  Trailer

Da 5 Bloods may be Spike Lee’s latest effort, but filmmakers who want to see where it all began need to check out She’s Gotta Have It. His first film is one of his most revolutionary, particularly for how it portrays its Black female lead as such a ferociously sexual being. With a budget of $175,000 and a production schedule of 12 shooting days, Lee revolutionized American independent cinema.


Critic Review Highlight

It’s fascinating to be able to watch Spike Lee’s growth as a filmmaker. See the film that started it all as you work through his more recent efforts like BlacKkKlansman and Da 5 Bloods.

Good Netflix Movies for Film Directors

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Pride and Prejudice  •  Trailer

How do you adapt one of the most famous English works of all time? For screenwriter Deborah Moggach, it consisted of being fairly faithful to the source material. The structure and dialogue from the novel remains largely intact, but when you have one of the greatest romances ever written at your disposal, you don’t exactly need to reinvent the wheel.


Critic Review Highlight

Pride and Prejudice is recommended for more people than just high schoolers who don’t want to read the book. It’s a moving portrayal of love and courtship in the 18th century with a star-making performance from Keira Knightley.

Great Movies on Netflix From the ‘90s

Donnie Brasco (1997)

Donnie Brasco  •  Trailer

There are numerous mafia movies out there. But what makes Donnie Brasco one of the best gangster movies of all time is how it divides time equally between the mob and the FBI. You get a more complete picture, and people on both sides appear as real people. Plus, the performances from Johnny Depp and Al Pacino are second-to-none and add real gravity to what could have been another forgettable mobster picture.


Critic Review Highlight

Johnny Depp proves he has real acting chops in Donnie Brasco. Al Pacino also stands out for how nuanced his performance is compared to some of his other roles around the same time period.

Older Movies on Netflix

Malcolm X (1992)

Malcolm X  •  Trailer

Malcolm X provides an excellent template for screenwriters on how to write a biography. It’s epic enough in scope to properly mythologize the man but also personal enough to where he feels human. Spike Lee and Denzel Washington is a collaboration made in movie heaven, and Malcolm X remains top tier on their respective filmographies.


Critic Review Highlight

Malcolm X is long at roughly three and a half hours, but you realize all that time is necessary to tell the story of the lead. Carve out some time in your evening to watch through it all the way.

Top 50 Netflix Movies

Frida (2002)

Frida  •  Trailer

Salma Hayek had to fight vigorously to get Frida made. She even sought out the administrator to the rights of Frida Kahlo’s works to secure paintings for the film. You can see that passion in every scene Hayek is in, making this a biopic that stands apart from many in its class.


Critic Review Highlight

Frida pays touching homage to its source material. It’s just as vivid, surreal, and imaginative as Kahlo’s works.

Biopics on Netflix

Trumbo (2015)

Trumbo  •  Trailer

Dalton Trumbo was one of the most prominent figures during the official blacklisting in Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s. While his career was sidelined for a time, he worked tirelessly to ensure him and his compatriots could work in the industry once again. Trumbo is a great tribute to a man who did so much, the least of which was writing the screenplay for Spartacus


Critic Review Highlight

Trumbo was overlooked when it first came out. You shouldn’t miss it now, especially if you’d like to learn more about the Hollywood blacklist.

Awesome Netflix Movies

Good Time (2017)

Good TIme  •  Trailer

The Safdie Brothers are experts at craftins highly tense, anxiety-ridden films. Uncut Gems brought that aesthetic into the mainstream, but it all started with 2017’s Good Time, which has similar frenetic editing and fast-paced plot to put you in the protagonist’s shoes. Once the film’s over, you’ll finally feel like you can breathe.


Critic Review Highlight

If you’re a fan of Uncut Gems, then Good Time makes for an excellent companion piece. But be warned, it may test the limits of how much anxiety you can stomach.

Good Sci-Fi Netflix Films

Total Recall (1990)

Total Recall  •  Trailer

Total Recall is based on the Philip K. Dick short story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.” However, the film takes many liberties from the source material, becoming more “Hollywood” in the process. Fortunately, with Paul Verhoeven at the helm, the film manages to maintain a unique aesthetic and tone that makes it stand out from being just another generic sci-fi action film.


Critic Review Highlight

Total Recall is definitely a product of its time. However, movie buffs can still find offbeat moments to enjoy in this weird film that managed to win an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

What Movies Are on Netflix?

The Master (2012)

The Master  •  Trailer

Out of all of PT Anderson’s films, The Master might be the most engrossing. That’s in part due to a trio of incredible performances from Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams.

While the film’s critique of cults of personality may have its sights set on Scientology, The Master is more broadly about humans’ need for belonging and stability. It’s PT Anderson’s masterpiece and about as perfect as a film can get.


Critic Review Highlight

Every film student should watch The Master at least once. Whether you want to learn more about acting, directing, or developing themes across a theme, The Master shows you how to do it all.

Superb Crime Movies on Netflix

The Town (2010)

The Town  •  Trailer

A great deal of research went into studying Boston and its residents to make for more believable characters. In fact, many locals joined the production as extras. It goes to show the importance of remaining authentic down to every last detail. And you can break down everything you need in your script so that you don’t overlook a single detail.


Critic Review Highlight

The Town really shows Ben Affleck’s skills behind the camera. The narrative structure along with the action set pieces help the film stand apart from others in its genre.

Classic ‘80s Movies to Watch on Netflix

The Karate Kid (1984)

The Karate Kid  •  Trailer

Screenwriter Robert Mark actually got beat up by bullies and started practicing martial arts in order to protect himself. This served as the basis for what would ultimately become The Karate KidAn old tenet of screenwriting is to “write what you know.” Even something mundane like getting beat up by bullies, which plenty of people can relate to, can serve as the inspiration for one of the greatest sports movies ever made.


Critic Review Highlight

If you grew up in the ‘80s, then The Karate Kid is essential viewing. It’s a great feel-good movie to pass onto your own children now.

A Filmmaker’s Guide to Netflix Movies

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  •  Trailer

There’s a lot of philosophy and science fiction present in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. However, those lofty ideas tend to take a backseat to focus on the primary relationship between Joel and Clementine. This is what makes the film work so well. Philosophy is nice, but it gets dry when you focus so much attention on it within a narrative. There’s much to dissect within this film, but the reason people keep coming back to it is due to the central relationship between two people trying to forget one another.


Critic Review Highlight

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is Michel Gondry’s magnum opus. It’s a wonderful testament to how even the most painful parts of life are worth remembering.

New Netflix Original Movies

The Half of It (2020)

The Half of It  •  Trailer

There are some films you watch and wonder why no one has ever made it before. The Half of It takes a cue from Cyrano de Bergerac when a friendless high school student writes love letters for a jock to the popular girl, whom she also has a crush on. It goes to show the true power in taking familiar premises and finding a way to tell them in a relevant way to modern audiences.


Critic Review Highlight

The Half of It is a wonderful film everyone should watch immediately. Netflix proves it’s the place for the modern romantic comedy.

Best Movies on Netflix From 2018

Burning (2018)

Burning  •  Trailer

Referring to a movie as “slow” may seem like a bad thing (and in some cases it is). But Burning shows precisely how to do a slow burn (no pun intended) well. The characters are engaging, and it subverts your expectations at nearly every turn. It creeps up on you, and you remain at the edge of your seat until your patience is ultimately rewarded.


Critic Review Highlight

Burning is a fantastic thriller from the 2010s. It may take a while to get into it, but once you’re in, you’re hooked.

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Killing Them Softly (2012)

Killing Them Softly  •  Trailer

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, many movies dealt with themes related to capitalism and greed. Killing Them Softly is a great example and turns the focus into the realm of small-time organized crime. The movie isn’t subtle with what it’s trying to say, but it’s entertaining and since it’s removed several years past 2008, it can turn a critical eye onto the events that transpired that year.


Critic Review Highlight

Killing Them Softly is a slow burn. But stick with it and you’ll get to enjoy darkly comic performances and visceral violence that demands your attention.


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