With such a wealth of new movies to rent on Amazon Prime, it can be hard to keep track of and parse new movies as they are added to the platform. Here we cover 10 new movies worth your time landing on Amazon Prime in December 2021 with plenty of horror in the mix for the Halloween season. You can also read our list of the best overall films available on Amazon Prime right now. All movies will be available as of December 1st unless otherwise noted. Now let’s take a look at what’s new on Amazon Prime Video.

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10. Thank You for Smoking (2005)

Thank You for Smoking  •  Trailer

Thank You for Smoking is a satirical takedown of the Big Tobacco industry, certainly a worthy target of biting satire. The film was directed by Jason Reitman, son of acclaimed director Ivan Reitman known for Ghostbusters and other classic comedies. Jason Reitman has racked up a strong filmography himself with gems such as the excellent Up in the Air from 2009.

What’s new on amazon prime

Critic Review Highlight

A nifty supporting cast delivers the savage hand-grenade, quality one-liners with a ferocious believability. Full review - David Lamble, Bay Area Reporter

New movies to rent on Amazon Prime

9. A League of Their Own (1992)

A League of the Their Own  •  Trailer

This PG, family-friendly comedy follows a pair of sisters as they join the first professional female league in baseball. Penny Marshall directs a likable cast comprised of Geena Davis, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Lori Petty, and Tom Hanks amongst others. A League of Their Own is a favorite amongst baseball movie fans, so much so that it made our list of the best baseball movies of all time.

What’s new on amazon prime

Critic Review Highlight

Under Penny Marshall's spirited, warm direction, the players shine. Full review - Duane Byrge, The Hollywood Reporter

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video

8. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs  •  Trailer

If you have children or are just in the mood for some family-friendly fare, then Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs might be your best option out of all the new kids’ films arriving on Amazon Prime in December. It is one of the better childrens’ movies in recent years and enjoyable at any age. The star-studded voice cast is well-utilized, and the script gets a lot of mileage out of the wacky concept. If you are in the mood for more animation, be sure to take a look at our list of the best animated films ever made.

What’s new on amazon prime

Critic Review Highlight

Where else can you find the varied likes of Bill Hader, Anna Faris, James Caan, Bruce Campbell, and--yes--Mr. T together and all on their A game? Full review - Michael Dequina, The Movie Report

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7. Gandhi (1982)

Gandhi  •  Trailer

Directed by the multi-talented Richard Attenborough, Gandhi is the definitive telling of the story of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most important and influential figures in history. This three-hour-eleven-minute biopic is a long watch but rewarding for the time commitment. Ben Kingsley earned the Best Lead Actor Oscar for his work in the titular role, and the film overall took away eight Oscars at the 1983 ceremony.

What’s new on amazon prime

Critic Review Highlight

They simply do not build movies like this anymore, which is a pity. Full review - Kathleen Carol, New York Daily News

Amazon Prime movies new releases

6. Air Force One (1997)

Air Force One  •  Trailer

When the President’s private plane, the eponymous Air Force One, is hijacked by Russian terrorists, it is up to the President to take matters into his own hands. With Harrison Ford in the role of the President, Gary Oldman playing the head hijacker, and Glenn Close in a good supporting role as the Vice President, Air Force One has a stronger cast than your typical late-90s actioner. Aside from a few cheesy moments and some horribly dated CGI, Air Force One remains a highly enjoyable action film. For more actiony goodness, check out our list of the best action films ever made.

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Critic Review Highlight

It's a great ride. Full review - Stephen Hunter, Washington Post

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5. Goldfinger (1964)

Goldfinger  •  Trailer

1964’s Goldfinger shines as one the best in the long-running James Bond franchise. It hits all of the Bond tropes and trademarks with aplomb and features Sean Connery at peak suave. See our list of the entire James Bond series to find out where every film ranks. Goldfinger isn’t the only Bond film joining Amazon Prime this month. You will also be able to stream Dr. No and Goldeneye as well this December. The James Bond films tend to come and go from Amazon Prime quite frequently, so have yourself a triple feature while they are available.

What’s new on amazon prime

Critic Review Highlight

It has Shirley Bassey's operatic theme, the Aston Martin and Shirley Eaton, killed with that magnificently macabre gold paint. Full review - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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4. The Hurt Locker (2008)

The Hurt Locker  •  Trailer

The Hurt Locker is a modern war film with a lot to say. It contains what is easily one of Jeremy Renner’s best performances and stands as a highlight of Kathryn Bigelow’s long and impressive career. The Hurt Locker walked away with six Academy Awards, including the Best Director award for Kathryn Bigelow, who became the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar. If World War II is of more interest to you than modern wars, then be sure to check out our list of the best WWII movies ever made.

What’s new on amazon prime

Critic Review Highlight

The Hurt Locker is without a doubt one of the best war pictures I have ever seen, and I have seen most of them. Full review - Ed Koch, The Atlantic

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3. Tombstone (1993)

Tombstone  •  Trailer

Tombstone is a top-notch western with a cast for the ages. Kurt Russel, Bill Paxton, Sam Elliot, Val Kilmer, Powers Boothe, Charlton Heston, and Michael Biehn all excel in this classic story based on the wild west icon Wyatt Earp and the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral. While the entire cast is great, it’s Val Kilmer who steals the show as Doc Holliday, though Michael Biehn comes in at a close second as the villainous Johnny Ringo. Tombstone is in the ranks of the best westerns ever made. For more modern western entertainment, check out our breakdown on the neo-western genre.

What’s new on amazon prime

Critic Review Highlight

The 'right hand' men are the reason we all keep going back to Tombstone. Full review - Blake Howard, 2UE

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2. True Lies (1994)

True Lies  •  Trailer

True Lies is a top-tier Arnold Schwarzenegger film, James Cameron film, and overall action film. The blending of action and comedy is pitch-perfect and the film is packed with memorable scenes from start to finish. True Lies takes the globe-trotting, explosivity, and massive spectacle of the summer blockbuster genre and does it one better by imbuing the story with great characters and fun twists on common tropes and cliches. Find out where True Lies ranks on our countdown of James Cameron’s entire filmography.

What’s new on amazon prime

Critic Review Highlight

Schwarzenegger's comic confidence and good-guy tenacity are a perfect balance, while Curtis wins our sympathy as his repressed wife, showing some deadpan drollery of her own. Full review - Duane Byrge, Hollywood Reporter

Best new movies on Amazon Prime

1. The King’s Speech (2010)

The King's Speech  •  Trailer

The King’s Speech is a biopic on King George the VI as he first takes the crown and struggles to overcome a severe speech impediment. Tom Hooper does an excellent job in the director’s chair and the script from David Seidler imbues this dramatic story with the perfect amount of wit and humor. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush give a pair of astoundingly good performances, and Helena Bonham Carter impresses in a supporting role as well. The King’s Speech took home four Oscars in the major categories.

What’s new on amazon prime

Critic Review Highlight

It's an uplifting audience pleaser that also showcases film-making arts and crafts at an exalted level. Full review - David Gritten, Daily Telegraph


The Best Movies on Amazon Prime

Those were 10 of the best new movies on Amazon Prime. For a rundown of all the best films currently available on Prime video right now, be sure to give this next article a read. It is updated each month with fresh picks.

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