Every month, dozens of movies arrive on Netflix, but it can be a hassle keeping track of all the great content that comes and goes. Don’t fret though, we’re going to break down the best new movies on Netflix each month to help you decide on what to watch. These are the best of what’s coming to Netflix in June, 2020.

The Game is Afoot

Enola Holmes (2020)

Elona Holmes  •  Trailer

Enola Holmesa new feature from Harry Bradbeer, stars Millie Bobby Brown in the title role of Sherlock’s younger sister. We’ve seen a lot of actors play Sherlock Holmes over the years, but none quite like Henry Cavill, whose stoic demeanor seems so miscasted that it’s hard not to laugh.

But Cavill does a good job of supporting the star of the picture, Bobby Brown, who is given much more room to act than she is in Stranger Things.

Best New Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

Enola Holmes navigates a tightrope with its strong-willed feminist message that’s neither preachy nor contrived.

Your Life is Novel

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

Stranger Than Fiction  •  Trailer

When Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) learns that he’s just a character in a famous author’s novel, and that his death is imminent, he has to race against the clock to convince her not to kill him.

But despite its inane plot, Stranger Than Fiction works quite well, in large part due to some great performances from Ferrell, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman.

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Critic Review Highlight

Many of the themes in Stranger Than Fiction were expounded upon in Davey Wreden’s critically lauded game The Stanley Parable.

Complex Family Drama

Wildlife (2018)

Wildlife  •  Trailer

Paul Dano’s directorial debut Wildlife is an intimate portrait of a family at a crossroads with itself. Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan star in the film as two doomed lovers who fall out of a once close marriage.

Both Gyllenhaal and Mulligan received considerable praise for their performances. Wildlife was adapted by Dano from a novel of the same name by Richard Ford.

Best New Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

Wildlife gives the audience an unabashed look into the terror of domestic living. Without a doubt, it’s one of the top new movies on Netflix in September.

Preachers and Principles

The Devil All The Time (2020)

The Devil All The Time  •  Trailer

Antonio Campos’s 2020 film The Devil All The Time, based on the novel of the same name by Donald Ray Pollock, is a mostly middling affair that struggles to build a cohesive message.

Perhaps the film’s worst aspect is its use of narration, which seemingly serves to spoil the story’s events before they happen – removing all tension from an otherwise would-be-tense narrative.

Best New Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

The Devil All the Time features an all-star cast, including Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgård, Sebastian Stan, Riley Keough and Jason Clarke – but only Skarsgård gives a performance I’d consider captivating.

“Get Off My Lawn”

Gran Torino (2008)

Gran Torino  •  Trailer

Clint Eastwood kept himself busy in 2008, releasing not one but two acclaimed features: Changeling and Gran Torino. For the former film, Eastwood served only as the director, but the latter he directed and starred in.

Gran Torino features one of Clint Eastwood’s best performances – although the visual direction isn’t as sharp of some of his greatest works.

Best New Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

Gran Torino is one of a few great new movies coming out on Netflix this month.

Black Comedy Classic

Fargo (1996)

Fargo  •  Trailer

Fargo is widely regarded as one of the best Coen brothers movies – which is saying something, considering the duo has directed some of the most acclaimed features of the past 30+ years.

Frances McDormand won her first of two Best Actress Oscars for Fargo – her other win was for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. There’s no doubt about it: Fargo is one of the best new movies on Netflix.

Best New Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

Fargo deftly mixes dark humor with violence, which ultimately makes it a perfect example of a black comedy.

Love is a Many-Splendored Thing

Grease (1978)

Grease  •  Trailer

Grease was a huge box-office in 1978, grossing more than $360 million dollars against a $6 million dollar budget. And although the film’s story wasn’t groundbreaking by any means, it was generally well-regarded by critics.

Today, Grease is perhaps most well-known for its catchy soundtrack and iconic costumes. John Travolta and Olivia Newton John brought the main characters Danny and Sandy to life so energetically that their performances are still being talked about to this day.

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Critic Review Highlight

Grease is widely regarded as one of the best musicals ever made.

Surrealist Rabbit Hole

I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

I'm Thinking of Ending Things  •  Trailer

Writer/director Charlie Kaufman’s most recent feature, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, is a self-indulgent mess that’s never quite as smart as it thinks it is. Want to learn how not to write subtext? Look to I’m Thinking of Ending Things – about halfway through, the two main characters have a 5-10 minute conversation about the John Cassavetes movie A Woman Under the Influence in the most masturbatory way possible.

Still, fans of Kaufman’s earlier works, such as Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, may find something to like.

Best New Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

The one criticism I thought I’d never have for Kaufman is that his work is unoriginal – but alas, I’m Thinking of Ending Things is nothing more than a hodge-podge of Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, La La Land and a Samuel Beckett play – all done less enthusiastically than the originals.

That Rainbow Connection

The Muppets (2011)

The Muppets  •  Trailer

The 2011 The Muppets movie is lowkey one of the most underrated movies of the last decade and one of the top new movies on Netflix. Jason Segel and Amy Adams star in the film alongside iconic characters like Kermit, Ms. Piggy and the Swedish Chef.

The music in the film is joyous from start to finish. Songwriter Bret McKenzie even won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Man or Muppet.”

New Movies Out on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

Take a break from the grind of daily life, sit back, relax and enjoy the crowd-pleasing The Muppets.

Infamous Horror-Flick

WarGames (1983)

WarGames  •  Trailer

In an era of nuclear tension, WarGames sought to suggest “hey, isn’t the only outcome of global thermonuclear war mutually assured destruction?” And it was right!

WarGames premiered in 1983, right in the midst of a historic ramping-up of war production in the United States – and three months prior to the shooting-down of Korean Air Flight 007, which carried a U.S. Congressman. Matthew Broderick stars in the picture in one of his very first roles as a high school student who accidentally breaks into a war game protocol.

Latest Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

Ultimately,WarGames shows us the absurdity of global competition, and how it could one day lead to the death of our world.

De Niro Thriller

Cape Fear (1991)

Cape Fear  •  Trailer

Robert De Niro gives one of the most chilling performances of his career in the role of psychopath Max Cady in Cape Fear -- a story that follows the conflict between a convicted rapist and the man who helped put him in jail.

Cape Fear was first made in 1962 with Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck in the leading roles. Martin Scorsese’s 1991 remake swapped out the pair for Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte.

Good New Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

It may not be #1, but Cape Fear is certainly on the list of the best Robert De Niro movies.

Life Finds a Way

Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

‘Batman: The Killing Joke’  •  Trailer

Batman fans have long lauded Alan Moore’s 1988 graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke for its sinister tone and Joker origin story – and in 2016 they got to see a full-fledged cinematic adaptation.

Batman: The Killing Joke was the first Batman film to receive an R-rating from the MPAA and boy, oh boy did it deserve it. The Killing Joke is a brutal film – one so brutal that creator Alan Moore questioned if he had gone too far with some aspects of the original story.

Good New Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

Batman: The Killing Joke features some signature great voice performances from Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.

Sci-Fi Romance

Her (2013)

Her  •  Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix has enjoyed a litany of great roles during his young career, but perhaps none have been more tenderly performed than the role of Theodore Twobmly in Her.

Her is a heart-wrenching movie that looks into the future of interpersonal relationships. Phoenix plays a depressed man in the midst of an ugly divorce, who unintentionally falls in love with his computer’s operating system.

Latest Movies on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

Her sees writer/director Spike Jonze working at the height of his already-accomplished career.

Forbidden Love Film

Carol (2015)

Carol  •  Trailer

Todd Haynes’s Carol received rave reviews upon its release in 2015 for great period detail and strong lead performances from Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

Be warned however: if you’re looking for a fast-moving picture, Carol isn’t it. Carol moves at a snail's-pace, but it rewards viewers with intimate detail at every corner.

New Movies to Watch on Netflix

Critic Review Highlight

Carol was nominated for six Academy Awards, including two for Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.


Best Movies on Netflix

Some great new movies are coming to Netflix in May, 2020, but perhaps you’re still looking for something else to watch. Don’t worry, check out our list of the best movies of all time that are on Netflix! We update this list as movies come and go from the service so make sure to check back each month,

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