How many hours have you spent combing through streaming services looking for the next great show to watch? If you’re anything like me, then it’s probably more than you’re comfortable admitting. But don’t fret, we’ve scoured the depths of the seven seas of streaming to deliver you our take on what the best shows to watch right now are. Here’s our list of the best shows on Amazon Prime Video.

Journey into the Afterlife

1. Upload

Upload  •  Trailer

What happens when we die? Well in the world of Upload, you can, you guessed it, ‘upload’ your consciousness into a virtual heaven. It’s a seriously high-concept plot, but creator Greg Daniels and the writing team do a great job of balancing the gravitas with comedy.

Upload isn’t perfect by any means, but with a second season already greenlit by Amazon, there’s plenty of room for it to improve.

Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video


Upload proves that there’s still plenty of room to innovate in the space of sitcom television.

Surrealist Thriller Series

2. Homecoming

Sam Esmail on Homecoming

Julia Roberts stars in this suspense-thriller from Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot. Homecoming is about a wellness center where soldiers go to be rehabilitated back to civilian life. Roberts plays the role of Heidi Bergman, the chief social worker at the facility.

Similarly to Mr. Robot, nothing is as it seems in Homecoming. With these two shows, Esmail has established himself as one of the premiere talents working in television today.

Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video


Homecoming is a surrealist vision that parallels the unspoken nightmares that stoke much of the world today.

A Forgotten Classic

3. The Prisoner

The Prisoner  •  Opening

The Prisoner is an oft-forgotten relic of television’s past. Patrick McGoohan served as co-creator and star of the series, which follows an excommunicado spy who’s imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village.

Make no mistakes about it, The Prisoner is a weird show -- one that’s full of bizarre imagery and confounding plots. But at its core, The Prisoner is utterly fascinating to try and make sense of. It also mimics elements of Soviet Montage Theory and British New Wave filmmaking tactics.

Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video


If you’re looking for a “hidden gem” on Prime Video, The Prisoner may just be it.

Rotoscoping Animation Done Right

4. Undone

Undone  •  Trailer

Undone is a fascinating study in varying paths of life: familial drama, the crisis of adulthood, mental illness and grief. And it’s all told through a distorted lens, one in which we never really know what’s real and what’s not.

Rosa Salazar is excellent in the leading role of Alma, a spiraling young woman who is desperately trying to come to terms with herself and the distant death of her father.

Best Amazon Prime Video Shows


For anyone with an interest in rotoscoping animation, Undone is a must-watch.

Relationship Dramedy Series

5. Catastrophe

Catastrophe Season One  •  Trailer

Catastrophe is a great comedy series that’s elevated by some sharp scripts. The series was created/written by stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan and follows the story of their two characters' relationship as unexpected lovers.

Although Catastrophe originally aired in the U.K. on Channel 4, it’s now available to watch in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video.

Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video to Watch Right Now


Catastrophe is a sharp comedy series that bites a bit deeper than one might expect.

Esmail’s Techno-Thriller

6. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot  •  Extended Look

How could we include Sam Esmail’s mini-series Homecoming without including his most famous show Mr. Robot? The first three seasons of Mr. Robot are available on Prime Video now. The fourth and final season of the show just aired recently on USA.

Mr. Robot is the story of a group of hackers who seek to disrupt the inherently corrupt nature of wealth inequality in a dystopian society. Whew, that’s a lot. But Mr. Robot is a truly complex story and is layered with hidden details both in its visuals and its narrative.

Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video


Mr. Robot wasn’t just the show that established Sam Esmail, it also brought star Rami Malek to prominence.

Hilarious Espionage Thriller

7. Patriot

Michael Dorman and Terry O’Quinn Discuss Patriot

To say that Patriot has flown under the radar in the television echo-sphere is an understatement. Despite having one of the most passionate followings of any TV show today, it seems that nobody is talking about the series at large.

Patriot stars Michael Dorman as an undercover spy who is tasked with stopping an impending nuclear threat. Despite the grave subject matter, Patriot is also quite funny though.

Best Free Shows on Amazon Prime


Patriot suffers from some pacing issues but it still remains a great, unique take on the contrived spy formula.

Historical Fiction Series

8. Vikings

Vikings  •  Behind the Scenes

Who would’ve ever thought that a History channel original drama series would go on to rival the epic scale of Game of Thrones? Not me, that’s for sure. But that’s exactly what Vikings did, and in many ways, it surpassed the quality of its closest contemporary.

Vikings is a great series with a scope that’s as wide as any other show on television. Although much of the steam that carried Vikings through its first four seasons has largely dissipated, the highest highs of the show remain some of the highest highs in recent TV history. 

Best Shows to Watch on Amazon PrimE


Travis Fimmel delivers an unlikely and underappreciated performance as the legendary viking Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings.

Classic Character Reboot

9. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

John Krasinski on  •  ‘Jack Ryan

John Krasinski has been on an absolute tear since the end of The Office. In 2018, he established himself as a talented writer/director with his film A Quiet Place. Through his work in film and television, Krasinski has shown that he’s comfortable behind the camera, and in front of it.

But when it was announced that Krasinski was going to star in the role of CIA operative Jack Ryan, some people responded with skepticism. However, through two seasons, Krasinski has shown he’s capable of handling the role -- even if the show doesn’t match the quality of Harrison Ford’s Jack Ryan movies.

Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime will scratch that spy-thriller itch.

Noir With a Modern Spin

10. Bosch

Bosch  •  Behind the Scenes

Bosch is a police procedural that follows the life of titular character Harry Bosch. Not only was Bosch one of Amazon’s first original series, it’s also one of its best. Titus Welliver stars in the show and does a great job in the title role.

Bosch is Amazon’s longest-running show and is set to conclude with a seventh and final season. Through its long run, Bosch has become one of the best TV shows on Amazon Prime.

Good Amazon Prime Video Shows


If you’re looking for a binge-worthy show that makes good use of 4k and HDR, be sure to check out Bosch.

Period Piece Mini-Series

11. A Very English Scandal

A Very English Scandal  •  Trailer

The true story of A Very English Scandal is absolutely bonkers. There’s lies, deception, and drama in spades. The mini-series follows the events of the Jeremy Thorpe affair, in which the U.K. politician stood trial for allegedly planning the murder of his former lover, Norman Josiffe.

Over three episodes, we see how Thorpe, once the leader of the Liberal Party, descends into madness over the possibility that an alleged homosexual relationship with Josiffe will be revealed to the public.

Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video


Ben Whishaw won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor - Limited Series for his portrayal of Norman Josiffe.

Waller-Bridge’s Big Hit

12. Fleabag

Fleabag  •  Trailer

Writer/Actor Phoebe Waller-Bridge became an overnight sensation for her work on Fleabag -- a show that follows the life of a young woman’s trials and travails in London.

Fleabag won six Emmy Awards across its twelve episode run, nabbing Waller-Bridge three personal awards for: Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Comedy Series.

Amazon Prime Video Shows List


Just like its title character, Fleabag is brash and abrasive on the exterior but quite the contrary once you get through to the inside.

Style Over Substance Fantasy Series

13. Carnival Row

Carnival Row  •  Behind the Scenes

Carnival Row is a big-budget steampunk fantasy series from René Echevarria. It stars an all-star cast, including: Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevigne, Simon McBurney, and Jared Harris.

Although Carnival Row wasn’t as surefire of a success with critics as Amazon hoped it would be, the series has already been renewed for a second season.

Good Shows on Amazon Prime Video


Carnival Row borrows tropes with reckless abandon to create a visually daring series that hasn’t quite come into its own yet.

Public Service Sitcom Series

14. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec  •  From Script to Screen

Parks and Recreation stars Amy Pohler as city planner Leslie Knope who works in the department of, you guessed it, parks and recreation. The series was created by sitcom veterans Greg Daniels (The Office, King of the Hill) and Michael Schur (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place).

Parks and Recreation is the perfect show to put on for some casual viewing. It doesn’t demand too much attention, nor does it ever feel inaccessible. Simply boot up Prime Video and load the series up for a good laugh or two.

Popular Shows on Amazon Prime Video


Although it ran for too long (125 episodes), Parks and Recreation is chock-full of fun storylines and great character relationships.

Sci-Fi of Epic Proportions

15. The Expanse

The Expanse Amazon Prime  •  Trailer

After its third season, The Expanse was on the edge of doom as Syfy announced that it had no intention of producing more seasons. This led to a massive fan campaign in which a plane was flown over Amazon headquarters with a banner that pleaded “Save The Expanse.”

As it turns out, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was a huge fan of the show, and he personally tasked his original studios team to procure the rights to make more seasons. Now, the sci-fi epic The Expanse is comfortably at home with Amazon, and steadily making gains on finishing the story of Captain James Holden and his crew’s journey across Earth, Mars, the Belt, and other worlds.

Best Amazon Prime Video Shows


Anybody interested in science-fiction should check out Amazon’s The Expanse, based on the books by James S. A. Corey.

Stand-up Comedy Drama Series

16. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel  •  Behind the Scenes

This wonderfully recreated period-piece follows the comedy career of the titular Midge Maisel. Although Midge has all the keys to success in her hands, she isn’t quite happy and longs for a reality in which she’s the star.

Perhaps the best aspect of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is its colorful production design. Both the set dressing and wardrobing really immerse us as viewers within 60’s New York City.

Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has cleaned up at awards shows in recent years for its sharp script and great principal actors.

Poignant Anthology Series

17. The Romanoffs

The Romanoffs  •  Trailer

Amazon reportedly paid a fortune for the rights to The Romanoffs -- an eight-part anthology series directed entirely by Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. Although the show enjoyed considerable hype before release, it didn’t quite live up to its own lofty expectations with critics.

The Romanoffs tells the story of eight separate descendants of the famed Russian Royal family, the Romanovs. 

Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video


When The Romanoffs is at its best, it’s on par with the very best of Mad Men, but when it’s at its worst, you might struggle to think that Weiner was even associated with the project.

Interdimensional Espionage

18. Counterpart

Counterpart  •  Trailer

Counterpart delves deep into the question: what if there are parallel realities? J.K. Simmons stars in a dual-role as paper-pusher Howard Silk in one reality and ruthless spy Howard Silk Prime in another.

It’s all terribly high-concept, but through great acting and some sharp writing, Counterpart demands our attention as an audience.

Best Free Shows on Amazon Prime


Counterpart makes us wonder whether or not other versions of ourselves exist; and what they might be capable of.

Historical Fiction Drama Series

19. The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle Season One  •  Trailer

The Man in the High Castle was one of Amazon’s first big-budget original series. Although the show fluctuated in quality through its four seasons, it left an indelible imprint on Amazon’s approach to production.

Those who love history are sure to find something to appreciate in The Man in the High Castle; a show that explores an alternate reality in which the Axis powers won World War II.

Best Amazon Prime Video Shows


Rufus Sewell carries The Man in the High Castle through the end as the conflicted American Nazi Joe Smith.

The Maestro and His Orchestra

20. Mozart in the Jungle

Mozart in the Jungle  •  Trailer

Mozart in the Jungle is a dramedy that follows the fame and exploits of a  fictional composer named Rodrigo. At the core of Mozart is a story that focuses on the immense pressure of celebrity and genius.

Mozart asks us to consider what these things mean and what benefits and detriments they have on everyday life. Oh, and it’s also got plenty of classical music, that’s been expertly reinvented for modern audiences.

Amazon Prime Video TV Shows


Mozart in the Jungle is a great show to check out if you’re looking for something that’s watchable but still has substance.

Cold War Spy Thriller

21. The Americans

The Americans Final Season  •  Trailer

There are those who will argue that The Americans is not only one of the best shows in recent memory, but one of the best shows of all-time. And that argument is surely well-founded -- The Americans has perhaps a better narrative arc from start to finish than any other show of its time.

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell deliver career performances as two Soviet spies that become entangled in Cold War tensions while undercover in the U.S. But it’s Noah Emmerich, their unsuspecting FBI neighbor who steals the show with a tremendously nuanced performance.

Best Shows on Amazon Prime Video


The Americans ended better than it began; a hallmark indication of a series’ growth from start to finish.

A Different Kind of Superhero Show

22. The Boys

The Boys  •  How Production Design is a Superpower  •  Subscribe on Youtube

The Boys stormed onto Amazon Prime Video like a bat out of hell in 2019. Few Prime originals before it made such waves upon release, both in terms of rhetoric and viewership. According to Head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke, The Boys surpassed expectations internally which led to the greenlighting of the second season before the first had even aired.

Amazon’s The Boys is based on the comics of the same name created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, and although it’s only one season in, it’s already become one of the Amazon Prime TV shows.

Amazon Prime Video TV Shows


For anyone tired of the same-old recycled superhero narrative, check out the cliche-deconstructionist The Boys.

Modern Spin on a Classic Tale

23. The ABC Murders

The ABC Murders  •  Trailer

BBC’s The ABC Murders is a remake of Agatha Christie’s classic detective fiction story. John Malkovich stars in the series in the role of fictional detective Hercue Poirot, and does a good job even if he doesn’t seem like a natural fit at first.

If you’re a fan of Christie’s works, then you’ll probably like The ABC Murders. Be warned though, the show does take some creative liberty with her story.

Popular Shows on Amazon Prime


This version of The ABC Murders sees a fresh take on Poirot, but it’s just not very creative.

Fuller’s Take on the Cannibal

24. Hannibal

Hannibal Season One  •  Trailer

To this day, I still can’t believe that the TV show Hannibal originally aired on NBC. Bryan Fuller’s take on fiction’s most famous cannibal is bold, suggestive, and grossly grotesque. There are some moments throughout the show’s three-season run that had me shielding my eyes.

But if you’ve got the stomach for it, Hannibal is one of the most rewarding shows on television. Mads Mikkelsen commands the screen in the title role so excellently that some have argued his performance exceeds that of the great Anthony Hopkins, who won an Academy Award as Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs.

Best Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime


Hannibal is as visually exhilarating as it is emotionally haunting and psychologically draining.

Prohibition Classic Series

25. Sneaky Pete

Bryan Cranston and Giovanni Ribisi Discuss  •  Sneaky Pete

Giovanni Ribisi stars in Sneaky Pete as a former convict who steals the identity of his cell-mate, Pete, upon release. Bryan Cranston served as a co-creator, producer, and actor in the series.

Sneaky Pete flew under the radar through its three season run, but fans and critics largely agreed that it was one of the best shows on Amazon Prime in its foundational years.

Best Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime


Sneaky Pete wasn’t a revolutionary series by any means, but fans of crime-thrillers mostly loved it.


Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video doesn’t just have great television shows, it has great movies as well. In this next article, we break down the best movies that are on Prime Video, both from Amazon Original Studios and other studios that are leased to the service. Make sure to check our list out each month! We update the list as movies come and go.

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