Staying organized is one of the most essential components to a smoothly run production. This means having the most important details of your production stored in an easily accessible and organized form. When it comes to cast lists and talent, there can be plenty of important details to make note of from person to person. In this article, we have two different options for you to organize your talent details and information into an organized cast list.

Cast List Template PDF 

Film cast list template

We’ve created a free film cast list template that allows you to organize talent details in a single spreadsheet. You can download the spreadsheet PDF below. 

Cast List Template PDF Download

Click to view and download the entire Cast List Template PDF below.

The cast list template already has pre-set columns for your talent details. You can also add additional columns that fit your production needs such as wardrobe measurements, agent info, preferred credited name, etc. 

Be aware of who you share the document with and what you share, especially if your cast list contains private information. If you’re creating your productions cast list and filling out its details, you might be responsible for creating a call sheet as well. 

Luckily, StudioBinder also provides a free call sheet builder software that is incredibly intuitive and organized. Check out this video below to see the full scope of what you can accomplish using the app. 

Call Sheet Tutorial  •  Sending Call Sheets

From a cast list template to call sheet builders, to blog posts on how to make a call sheet and even how to stagger call sheet call times, StudioBinder has a plethora of knowledge and information on all things production. 

How to Write a Cast List

Level up your production

The free cast list and film crew template above is a great start to organizing the details of your production. However, if you want to save time and stress, use free production management softwares like StudioBinder.

Manage your talent details better with the world’s leading video, TV & film production management software.

With StudioBinder’s production management software you can organize all of your cast and crew contacts all in one place.

StudioBinder Video Production Software for Filmmaking  •  Subscribe on YouTube 

Using the StudioBinder management software will also help you save time when creating your call sheet. Rather than copying every detail to a call sheet, StudioBinder simply transfers details from your contact list to your call sheet or shooting schedule.

Project Contact List in StudioBinder - Movie cast list

Project Contact List in StudioBinder  •  Movie cast list 

You can also track the status of your call sheets, and when someone's missing, easily find their call sheet status and contact information in one place.

StudioBinder makes it easy so that you only have to enter data in once and we take care of the rest. Turn arduous production processes into easy one-click tasks with StudioBinder.

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