The most recent drone from DJI Mavic is the Air. It’s lightweight, (mildly) affordable, and produces some incredible footage. This post gives a brief overview of the DJI Mavic Air, its capabilities, and a list of our favorite footage. Let’s take a look.

Types of Camera Gear

Drones and other types of gear

Before we dive into the best drones for the money, let's quickly look at how camera drones (and other types of gear) work. Here's a video breakdown of the various types of camera rigs, how they work, and how they add to the "feel" and look of a shot.

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Best Drones for the Money

Best drone footage: DJI Mavic Air

The Mavic Air features an ultra-portable design, 3-axis gimbal 4K camera and 12 megapixel stills, a 3-Directional Environment Sensing, and a max flight time of 21 minutes. The wifi range is over 260 feet with a transmitter range of about 2.5 miles. 

It’s small in size, measuring 168 mm in length and is smaller than its predecessors the DJI Mavic Pros 1 and 2. 

The DJI Mavic Air can be controlled with palm gestures or a mobile phone, which makes it incredibly user friendly, and less reliant on larger hand controllers. 

The obstacle avoidance sensor is probably the nicest touch of the Air. 

Depending on your budget, $700-$800 may seem expensive, but for what it can do, it’s actually one of the best drones for the money to date. 

Now that we have some basic stats, let’s get into the fun part. 

Here’s some of the best drone footage from the DJI Mavic Air. 

The first comes from Team Super Tramp, a filmmaking and gear YouTube channel that dives into the Air's unique features.

Why use this drone? DJI Mavic Air Key Features

Drones can give us some insane aerial shots and the Mavic Air exceeds expectation. The beautiful landscapes of New Zealand provide some hard evidence. 

Landscapes of New Zealand from Photography Life channel

Popular, indie filmmaker and YouTuber, Jeven Dovey gives some awesome tips on how to improve your Mavic Air shots, while also giving us some pretty epic footage from his trip to Mexico. 

Learn a few post production tips to make your shots better 

Youtube channel, Lama Volant put together a compilation video of some of the best footage out there. Take a look and see if the Mavic Air might be best for you. 

Best drone footage compilation

And finally, fly over this scenic setting and learn a bit more about the Air's fixed focus and aperture settings.

YouTube Channel, Mauro's Films goes over some aperture benefits


Epic Drone Shots Mashup

Now that you know what the Mavic Air can do, why not take a look at some incredible footage from a few other drones? Our next post is a medley of some of the best drone footage to inspire your next aerial or overhead shots. 

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