Whether you’re filming features, live shows, or weddings, gimbals are one of the best ways to capture movement eloquently with that cinematic touch. This isn’t a review of one of our favorite gimbals the DJI Ronin-S, but we will give a very brief overview of the device. This post takes a look at the best Ronin-S footage so you can get inspired and see if maybe it’s right for your next project.

DJI Ronin App Settings

What can the DJI Ronin-S do?

The DJI Ronin-S is more than a miniature gimbal stabilizer. It’s capabilities give us a handheld gimbal that is able to hold 8 lbs on its system, can support almost any mirrorless or DSLR and has a 12 hour battery life. It also has a unique motor kill feature that kicks in when you double tap the power button. This allows the device to go into rest mode without fully powering down. There are a slew of other DJI Ronin app settings that you can play around for smoother track settings, tilt options, and more. 

Watch the video below for a deeper dive into the Ronin-S, best practices and innovative features.

Ronin-S Gimbal

Now for the fun part. Let's see the Ronin-s in action!

Best Ronin-S Footage

Watch DJI Ronin-S footage

We can start with DJI’s incredible video entitled, “Dare to Move,” which uses the Ronin-S.

Footage from DJI

Now let’s get into some indie photographers. We’ll start with Levi Allen’s Ronin-S footage. He and his girlfriend have just landed in New Zealand and give us the lay of the land with some beautiful shots.

Watch Levi Allen explore New Zealand with the Ronin-S

Travel to the island of Malta where two travel and lifestyle bloggers use the Ronin-S to create a few episodes of their “Lost in…” series. 

Best DJI Ronin-S footage: Lost in Malta

And last but definitely not least...where would indie photography be without Peter McKinnon? He’s honest and upfront and brings his realness to his filmmaking.

Here he gives us a bit more than just footage, but yes, also some great footage of what the Ronin-s can do.

Peter McKinnon shows us his Ronin-S footage

Inspired yet? The DJI Ronin-S delivers on its compact size, cinematic quality and even price. Yes, it’s expensive for the novice filmmaker, at a mid $700 price point, but compared to its competitors, is priced fair.

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