Download a FREE Standard Model Release Form Template

Protect yourself from potential licensing claims in the future with our free model release form template. We're including 3 varied release forms including a standard release form, a simplified release form, and a release form for minors.

Free Model Release Form Templates - Bundle - StudioBinder
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Perfectly formatted model release form PDF

Save your model release as a PDF or print in seconds.

Free Model Release Form Templates - Bundle - StudioBinder

Free Model Release Form Template. Learn more

Free Model Release Form Templates - Bundle - StudioBinder

A photography model release form with the essentials

Before you hit the shutter, cover all your bases with our free model release form template, and more.

Free Model Release Form Bundle Includes:

  • A standard model release form template
  • Simplified model release form
  • Model release form for minors

Best Practices for Model Release Forms

Essentials Of A Model Release Form - Header

Understand the essentials of a model release form in our companion post The Essentials of a Model Release Form.


  • Considerations before clients sign your model release form
  • Administrating your free model release forms
  • Safely backing up your release forms
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