Getting started in the world of cinematography can be a daunting task. But in this day and age, there are various online tools and resources that can make the task of finding a cinematography job a little less intimidating. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best sites and resources to find your next cinematography job and get your career in the industry going. 

Where to find cinematographer jobs


Cinematography jobs on Linkedin

Cinematography jobs on Linkedin

First up on our list is Linkedin. Linkedin is one of the best tools to help you utilize your own network to your advantage. The longer you remain in the industry, the more you’ll learn that getting cinematography jobs will depend quite a bit on the previous connections you’ve made on a set or gig.

Linkedin is a great way to stay connected with peers and be aware of opportunities presented through them. 

How to find freelance cinematographer jobs


Cinematography jobs on backstage

Cinematography jobs on backstage

You may have heard of Backstage for casting which it is most known for. But did you know that the site is also a great resource to find cinematographer jobs? On the site, you can find freelancer and staff cinematography jobs for various types of productions from feature films to commercials to branded content. The listings vary from roles as a cinematographer, camera operators, and lighting crew.  

Cinematographer jobs online


Cinematography Jobs • Indeed

Cinematography Jobs  •  Indeed

Next up on our list is one of the largest job searching tools on the internet — Indeed. Indeed allows you to search through cinematographer jobs in virtually any industry, any location, updated all the time. Using Indeed will allow you to filter through cinematography jobs by location, keywords, date posted, and more making it a powerful job search engine. 

Los angeles cinematographer jobs


Where to find cinematography jobs • Craiglist

Where to find cinematography jobs. •  Craiglist

Another great job search database is Glassdoor. Glass door is consistently updated online making it a great resource to consistently daily keep up with what cinematography job opportunities have just been posted and where. When it comes to cinematography jobs, they can get filled rather quickly.

So using sites like Indeed and Glassdoor that are updated every minute will give you an advantage in your job hunt. 

Freelance cinematographer online


Upwork • director of photography jobs

Upwork  •  director of photography jobs

Next on our list is Upwork. If you work in any creative field whether it be cinematography, photography, or editing, Upwork is an incredible resource to utilize. Essentially, Upwork is a freelancing platform that allows freelancers to find job opportunities as well as post their services. 

As it pertains to cinematography jobs, expect to see more jobs that fall under the realm of videography and content creation on Upwork. These are great opportunities to build your portfolio for larger scale commercial work while also getting paid.

Director of photography jobs online


While you might know Craigslist as the site to go sell all your old furniture, a less common utility it is known for is finding gigs. Depending on where you are located geographically, Craigslist can be a legit resource for finding freelance cinematographer jobs to get your career going. 

The pay, scale, and scope of the projects may vary. However, if you reside around large show business areas like LA and NYC, Craigslist is a hub of random and odd cinematography jobs that can be great to network and gain experience. It does go without saying though to use your best judgment on Craigslist listings especially when it comes to cinematography jobs.


Cinematography Techniques & Tips

When looking for cinematography jobs, you may be presented with new roles and opportunities that you have not worked as before. If you’re looking to learn more about cinematography techniques and tips, check out our next article.

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