One of the best ways to incorporate unique transitions or vibrant overlays into your edit is through light leaks. Lens flares, light leaks, and film burns can result in a unique look, but are not always easy to add naturally in-camera. So we’ve compiled a list of the best places to download light leak overlay effects that are easy to use in any edit. 

13 free light leak film overlay effects  •  Rocketstock

This pack of light leaks is designed to be used for free for any purpose. The pack comes with 13 light leaks that help add a bright, upbeat tone to any edit. Once imported you can adjust the hue, brightness, and even blurriness of the light leaks. Check out the RocketStock article for a tutorial on how to composite the pack of light leaks once downloaded. 

Light leak download

2. Motion Array 10 Free Light Leaks

How To Use Light Leaks in Premiere Pro  •  Light leak png

This pack of 10 light leaks from a Motion Array is great for unique transitions or stylish overlays. The pack is made for easy use. Once downloaded, simply changed their blending mode to Screen or Add.

Light leak overlay

3. WZZLY 30 Free Light Leaks

30 Light Leak Overlay For Your Videos!

Youtube creator wzzly created this pack of 30 light leaks that are perfect for travel and lifestyle videos. As you can see from the video above, the light leaks are as easy to use as drag and drop in Premiere Pro. To see this pack in action, check out more of wzzly’s travel videos from his Youtube channel. 

Premiere Pro: Light leak overlay + 13 FREE 4K Light Leaks!

Next up, we have another pack of light leaks from another Youtube creator — Kyler Holland. This pack of 13 light leaks were shot using a GH5 for a natural and realistic feel. The light leaks come at a resolution of 3840x2160, 100Mbs, at a frame rate of 60fps.

Light leak film overlay

5. 10 Film Burn Light Leaks

10 FREE Film Burns  •  Light leak png

This pack of light leaks contains 10 unique film burn effects. Rather than the digital lens flare look of some other light leaks on this list, these light leaks are reminiscent of film stock light leaks. These leaks are great for vibrant light leak transitions or to add a little bit of flare to your edit. 


Free Final Cut Pro Plugins for Your Edit

Once you've downloaded your favorite pack of light leaks, check out our next article to add more tools to your editing arsenal. We take a look at the best Final Cut Pro plugins that you can download and use for free to elevate your edits immediately. 

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