well-fed production is a happy production. Having a well-stocked craft services table can be the key between the best shoot ever and one that drags on and on and on and…

Craft service, better known as crafty, refers to the food always available to the crew during working hours, and can vary, based on the production budget,  from a single table of cookies, candy, cereal, and coffee to elaborate meals.

If you’re hiring a crafty, that’s awesome. Don’t send him or her out without a craft services shopping list.

But if you’ve got money allotted, get ready because you’re in luck. We’re running through the top craft services and movie catering companies in Los Angeles, ranked in no particular order. For a directory of all craft services in Los Angeles, go here.

Craft Services Companies in Los Angeles

1. Camille's Catering

Not only is Camille’s delicious, it’s also perfect for smallish budget indie films. With both full service and drop&go options, Camille’s can deliver the food on set with just 48 hours notice. Charging on a per person basis, they offer premium plans that are only in the 20 dollars per person range. As with most Los Angeles craft services companies, they also offer catering for film sets, made to your cast and crew’s dietary needs.

5 Popular Craft Services Companies in Los Angeles - Camille's

Camille's Catering Services


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Craft Services Companies in Los Angeles

2. Sunday Night Dinner Craft Services

Although Sunday Night Dinner Craft Services has worked on Shark Tank, Lip Sync Battle, and @Midnight, don’t let that discourage you.

5 Popular Craft Services Companies in Los Angeles - Sunday Night Dinner Craft Services

Sunday Night Dinner Craft Services

They may be craft service union members of I.A.T.S.E. Local 80, but they still work non-union gigs. They particularly love working on pilots. They get their craft services ideas from their clients, so make sure you’ve brainstormed the essentials.

Their food service trailer? An iconic white van bringing 20 years of expertise directly to your set.


As with most craft services jobs, the asking price isn’t always what you have to pay. Most craft services and movie catering companies request consultations instead of providing umbrella rates.

Know that the first price you’re presented can often be talked down. Start a dialogue with a craft services company as early as possible, giving you ample time to haggle.

Craft Services Companies in Los Angeles

3. Grandma's House

When a craft service company brands itself ‘Grandma’s House,’ you know what you’re getting into—homemade comfort food on set. Scrolling through the gallery, Grandma’s House will make your film crew’s mouths water.

5 Popular Craft Services Companies in Los Angeles - Grandma's House

Grandma's House

Founded by Grandma Cora Johnson in 1879, Grandma’s House has over 400 options to choose from, including an organic wood-fired pizza bar. Based in Torrance, they service all of Los Angeles.

Need a quick way to bring together a divise crew? Three words: deep fried turkey. Grandma’s House may not be the healthiest option for crew members, but it’s certainly the tastiest.

Just don’t forget to about your crew’s glycemic index.

Craft Services Companies in Los Angeles

4. City Palate Catering

Most craft service tables only have a sad plate of deli meats. City Palate Catering has:

5 Popular Craft Services Companies in Los Angeles - City Palate Catering

City Palate Catering

Lamb sliders with feta with harissa yogurt sauce. Grilled lamb lollipops with mango-horseradish dipping. Dairy-free soup shooters.

Incorporated in 2007, City Palate Catering is redefining the craft of craft services tables. Featuring a robust craft services menu of healthy yet delicious culinary treats, CPC is the gold standard if you’re looking to spoil your film crew.

So far they’ve already spoiled NBC, ABC, Bravo, E!, and Nickelodeon. Make sure to order the chicken and waffle bites with jalapeño syrup.


8 Essential Tips for Prepping an Awesome Craft Services Table

At the end of the day, you’re going to be on set a long, long time. It’ll feel longer if people are cranky without food.

Having a kick-ass craft services table is a simple way to ensure that people are happy. The craft services table is more than a place to stuff your face--it’s a water cooler to talk about where the shoot’s going and rally the troops.

What’s missing from our list of craft services in Los Angeles? Let us know so we can add it.

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