Rick and Morty scripts have built some of the most quoted animated moments ever to be produced. They’ve also created some of the most beloved animated characters ever to be crafted.

Below you’ll find a in-depth analysis on the plot structure, quotes, and character of Rick and Morty scripts using the Meeseeks and Destroy episode. You can also find a free script download below.

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The Rick and Morty Meeseeks Script

Click to view and download the entire Rick and Morty Meeseeks script PDF below.

Click above to read and download the entire Rick and Morty Meeseeks script PDF

Rick and Morty Script - Justin Roiland - StudioBinder
Dan Harmon - Story Circle

WHO Created Rick and Morty Show?

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon

Justin Roiland grew up in Manteca, CA. He got involved in the media collective Channel 101 which was co-founded by Dan Harmon. Roiland’s show House of Cosbys was a success at the collective. Justin Roiland also worked as a writer on The Sarah Silverman Program.

Dan Harmon was born in Milwaukee, WI.  Harmon began at ComedySportz in Milwaukee and then co-founded the media collective Channel 101. He also co-created The Sarah Silverman Program as well as serving as the head writer for the show. Dan Harmon later went on the create the NBC comedy, Community.

Rick and Morty Meeseeks PLOT

Story beats in the Rick and Morty Meeseeks Episode script

Movies and television have a different story structure, but they still rely on many of the same basic principles. Television structure is often based on commercial breaks and maintaining an audience for an entire season, and sitcoms, like Rick and Morty, have a specific structure. 

Script Teardown

Script Structure of the "Rick and Morty Meeseeks Episode script"


Rick and Morty are being chased by demonic spirits that look like Morty’s family. Morty decides he doesn’t want to do adventures with Rick anymore. Rick proposes a bet; Morty gets to lead an adventure. If it’s exciting, he’ll get to lead every 10th adventure, but if the adventure sucks, Morty isn't allowed to complain anymore. 


Jerry, Beth, and Summer all come to see Rick for help, but he’s tired of helping them so he gives them a Meeseeks box. The Meeseeks appear to solve problems, and disappear once they’ve accomplished their goal. 


Rick and Morty try to help a village by robbing a giant, but the giant slips and dies. They’re thrown in giant jail.


Summer becomes popular, Beth becomes more independent, but Jerry shows no improvement. 


Rick and Morty are about to go on trial for murder. Rick is convinced they will be found guilty.  


Jerry is surrounded by a group of frustrated Meeseeks and they become restless with their existence.


Rick and Morty are let out of jail, but now they must walk down a set of giant stairs. They stop off at a bar inside the stairs where Morty is sexually assaulted by a Jelly Bean. 


The Meeseeks have grown restless and decide that the only way to fix their problem is to kill Jerry. They rush to a restaurant where Beth and Jerry are having dinner.


Rick and Morty bring schmeckles to the village, but quickly learn the king is the Jelly Bean that assaulted Morty. They leave after Rick kills the Jelly Bean. 


Beth teaches Jerry confidence through her own assertiveness that allows Jerry to pass a few golf trials that, in turn, allow the Meeseeks to disappear.  

Rick and Morty Script Takeaway #1

Rick and Morty quotes

Rick and Morty has a large number of great quotes, but from this particular episode, there are a few that really stand out. Of course, there is the introductory, “I’m Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!” that has become a favorite quote among fans of the show. Take a look at the scene below:

Read the Giant Death Scene — Scroll to Version 2 

There are even more really funny Rick and Morty quotes in this episode, but surprisingly very few of them come from Rick. I think most would agree that Rick reigns as the most quotable character in Rick and Morty.

Great Rick and Morty Quotes

Here are the best Rick and Morty quotes from the episode:

“Oh, Morty. Now you done did it. It’s on. I can’t wait to watch your adventure lay a fart.”

“You “try to relax!” Have you ever tried to relax?! It’s a paradox!”

“I’m Mr. Booby Buyer! I’ll buy those boobies for twenty-five schmeckles.”

“Thankfully, we are beyond such ethical constructs as religion or justice and therefore would have no compunctions whatsoever, about murdering - What’s your name, ma’am?”

As with most things on Adult Swim, the jokes and quotes live inside a nonsensical world. Rick and Morty quotes have clear intelligence driving the comedy, but they are also silly enough to make anyone laugh.

Rick and Morty Script Takeaway #2

Rick and Morty characters

Rick and Morty characters are great because they all have a pretty basic identity. Rick is a genius, but also a selfish jerk. Beth is intelligent but has abandonment issues. Summer is capable, but also a self-conscious teenager and Jerry is the dictionary definition of a milquetoast.

Read the Schmeckles Scene — Scroll to Version 3 

Rick and Morty characters have some similarities to other popular animated shows in that, no matter the age of a character, they all seem to be on similar levels with regard to reference humor and intellect. 

Rick and Morty Meeseeks Pain is Existence

As with most animated shows, Rick and Morty can introduce side characters that have a lasting effect on the fandom. Mr. Meeseeks is no exception and is so beloved he has become a strong marketing tool. 

Rick and Morty Script Takeaway #3

Rick and Morty Episodes 

Rick and Morty episodes follow the same structure of most television shows, as we’ve laid out above, but they have a little trick that makes it seem as though they play by very few storytelling rules.

Read the Restaurant Scene — Scroll to Version 4 

Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, along with their writing team, know they should follow story structure, but the thing they do that is unique is to find extreme ways to either follow basic logic in a very deliberate manner or to completely ignore it altogether.

Rick and Morty Mr. Jellybean Scenes

Rick and Morty has a mixture of intentionally banal character development you might find in a Lifetime movie with juxtaposed against a sci-fi horror film all with the sensibility of a Monty Python sketch.

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