If you are an aspiring screenwriter, you may not always be able to work solely on your passion projects. At some point or another, you’ll want to find screenwriting jobs that can also help gain some income, build your body of work, and sharpen your screenwriting skills. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best resources to find screenwriting jobs online. 

Freelance screenwriting sites


First on our list is Upwork. If you work in any creative field whether it be photography, videography, or screenwriting, Upwork is an incredible resource to utilize. Essentially, Upwork is a freelancing platform that allows freelancers to find job opportunities as well as post their services. 

Upwork — freelance screenwriting platform

Upwork  •  Freelance screenwriting platform

When it comes to screenwriting jobs, it’s all about consistently checking in on the platform for new opportunities as they are constantly updated.



If you’ve ever gone job hunting in any industry, odds are you’ve come across Indeed. Indeed is one of the web’s largest job search engines out there making it a great tool for finding screenwriting jobs. 

On the site, you’re even able to filter how you search jobs. Whether you are looking for freelance, full-time, or contracted writing jobs, Indeed will help you find the job you are looking for. 



Plenty of sites on this list transcend the film industry which can make looking for screenwriting jobs within them less ideal. However, ISA, or International Screenwriters Association, is a resource dedicated solely to screenwriters. 

It is a support network for both seasoned, professional screenwriters and aspiring screenwriters. The resource is a paid membership costing $10 a month for ISA members.

ISA screenwriting site

ISA screenwriting site

On their ‘Writing Gigs for Screenwriters’ page, you can even filter how you look through the screenwriting job listings. This can be through payment types such as unpaid, paid, internship, or fellowship. You can even filter through the job listings to seek specific writing genres you’d like to work on.

If the paid membership isn’t a deal breaker for you, the ISA is a great resource to utilize when finding screenwriting jobs. 

Writing Jobs Los Angeles


I know what you might be thinking, Craigslist? The site I go to sell my old couch? While this is definitely a popular function of Craigslist, a less common utility it is known for is finding gigs. Depending on where you are located geographically, Craigslist can be a legit resource for finding screenwriting jobs to get your career going. 

The pay, scale, and scope of the writing projects may vary, but around large show business areas like Los Angeles and New York City, Craigslist is a hub of random and odd screen writing jobs that can lead to larger projects. It does go without saying though to use your best judgment on Craigslist listings especially when it comes to screenwriting gigs. 


Simply Hired

Last on our list is a lesser known, but incredibly valuable job search engine. Similar to Indeed, Simply Hired is a tool that lets you search the entire internet for a job under the keywords, descriptions, and details that you enter.

Again, it’s important to try and consistently check Simply Hired as job listings are consistently updated and added every day. To get a good jump on a screen writer jobs, it’s important to apply and submit sooner to the posted date.


Best Screenwriting Software Tools

If you’re looking to become a paid screenwriter, it’s important to have the best tools. Possibly the most important tool you’ll use as a screenwriter is screenwriting software. Having trouble finding the best one? Give our next article a read where we break down the best screenwriting software tools available. 

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