What is the longest movie in the world? Well, artist, Anders Weberg released a feature length teaser trailer, and a seven hour trailer for his upcoming film. And trailers aren’t longer than films. So I’ll say we’ve found it. Learn about this 72 minute teaser trailer and watch the seven hour trailer for the longest movie ever made.

longest movie in the world

What is the longest movie ever made?

Swedish artist, Anders Weberg, put out a 72 minute teaser trailer for his upcoming 2020 film Ambiancé that will run a total of 720 hours. That’s right, 720 hours- the film is 30 days long. 

There was a teaser trailer dropped that runs 72 minutes, a feature length trailer! Which is I guess isn't even relative for a 30 day movie. But unfortunately, that trailer is no longer available.

The trailer was apparently a mesmerizing mesh of nothingness with an ambient score thats purpose is to set the tone and tempo of the full piece.

Anders has said that the entire film is an “abstract nonlinear narrative” something to be felt not understood. 

Which of course, makes sense after seeing the most recent trailer. Not a teaser at all, but instead, the longest movie ever made has a seven hour trailer, which you can watch below.

A seven hour trailer for Ambiancé - the longest movie in the world

Whether this is for you or not, I think the idea is kind of  interesting.

Anders will end his 20 year career with this film, debuting on December 31st, 2020. It will be shown in its full length on that date synchronized on all of the continents in the world, and then it will be destroyed! The strange non-linear dream-like surrealism of the film seems to reflect the way he wishes to deliver it. This type of expression marks Anders Weberg’s whole career and work as an artist.

how long is the longest movie ever made?

Is this the longest movie ever made?

Technically, Logistics, an experimental installation, is the longest movie ever made with a runtime of 857 hours, but it’s an installment not a theatrical, narrative movie. 

So in terms of how we define a movie, rather than moving images or video, Ambiancé is the longest movie ever. And it will soon be the longest movie that doesn’t exist.

Will you attempt to see it on December 31st, 2020...for 30 days?!

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