How we distinguish between producers matters. There are a ton of moving parts in filmmaking, and each producer handles a different one. This post answers the question ‘what is a line producer,’ so you can better understand where they fall in the mix.

Line Producer Definition

What exactly is a line producer?

There are a ton of different producers, on and off-set. Let's define the most basic, yet, essential kind of producer. 


What is a line producer?

The line producer is a producer that oversees all operations and logistics for a film, from the pre-production phase through delivery of the completed work. They generates and continuously reviews the budget “line-by-line.”

He or she is directly responsible for the financial aspects of a production. The hold a managerial position and their role is often coupled with the title production manager or production supervisor, depending on the format or budget of the project.


  • Recruit and hire crew
  • Manage budgeting
  • Manage daily production
  • Liaison between crew and other producers
  • Track deadlines for post production
  • Create schedules for deliverables

Keep in mind, this is just an overview. Read our next article and dive deeper into their duties and responsibilities.

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We’ve defined the role for you. These producers are involved in every aspect of production - from pre-production to post-production. And in each phase of filmmaking, they execute different tasks. Let’s get into the full job description, so you can rise in the ranks.

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