lamour photography is a genre that has not just captured but captivated audiences with its unique blend of beauty, elegance, and allure. It is a genre that has been around since the early days of photography, but its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. In this article, we dive deep into what makes this realm of photography so mesmerizing.

What is Glamour Photography 

First, let’s define glamour photography

Before we delve any further into the intricacies of this genre, it's important to establish a clear understanding of what exactly glamour photography entails.


What is glamour photography?

Glamour photography is a genre that focuses on accentuating a subject's beauty and allure, often through the use of professionally styled hair, makeup, and wardrobe. It's not just about capturing a beautiful face; it's more about creating an enchanting atmosphere that highlights the subject's most attractive features and qualities.

What is Glamour Photography Defined By?

  • Artful Allure
  • Professional Styling
  • Emphasized Beauty
  • Enchanting Atmosphere

Glamour Photography Explained

Boudoir vs Glamour Photography

While both glamour and boudoir photography share an emphasis on evoking a sense of allure and sensuality, they differ significantly in their approach and end goals. Glamour photography, as discussed, is about showcasing the subject's beauty and elegance, often through a combination of professional styling, wardrobe, and a meticulously arranged ambiance.

What is Glamour Photography Glamour portraits

Glamour portraits

Boudoir photography, on the other hand, is more intimate and personal. It is traditionally shot in a bedroom or dressing room setting, with the subject dressed in lingerie or partially clothed. The aim is to capture the subject's confidence and comfort in their own skin, often for personal and private use. 

What is Glamour Photography Boudoir photography

Boudoir photography

While glamour photography seeks to create a fantastical and glamorous image for public consumption, boudoir photography is about capturing a person's intimate and natural allure in a private context.

Both genres, however, require a high degree of trust between the photographer and the subject, and both have a unique ability to empower and celebrate the subject’s beauty.

What is Glamour Photography Defined By?

Characteristics of Glamour Photography

In the realm of glamour photography, certain characteristics distinguish this genre from others. These features, when skillfully implemented, have the power to transform simple portrait photography into an alluring piece of art that radiates beauty, elegance, and irresistible charm. Let's delve into these defining characteristics.

Use of Lighting in Glamour Photography

In glamour photography, lighting plays a crucial role. Far from being a trivial detail, it is used to add depth and dimension, highlight or shade certain areas of the subject, and create a specific mood or atmosphere.

What is Glamour Photography Glamour portraits ()

Glamour portraits

Wardrobe and Makeup in Glamour Photography

Another significant aspect of glamour photography is the careful selection of wardrobe and expert application of makeup. These elements are used not just to enhance the subject's natural beauty, but also to add a touch of elegance and sophistication, reinforcing the glamorous aesthetic sought by this genre.

What is Glamour Photography Makeup in Glamour Shots Photography

Makeup in Glamour Shots Photography

Posing in Glamour Photography

Posing is another characteristic that distinguishes glamour photography. Unlike candid shots, glamour photography often involves carefully directed poses that are intended to accentuate the allure and beauty of the subject, thus producing more controlled and aesthetically appealing images.

What is Glamour Photography Glamour photography poses

Glamour photography poses

Post-Processing in Glamour Photography

Post-processing is a standard procedure in glamour photography. It involves the use of software to adjust or alter the image, removing flaws, enhancing certain features, and generally improving the overall quality of the photograph, all while maintaining the desired style or concept.

Glamour photography is an art form that requires a high degree of technical skill, creative vision, and knowledge of the genre. Its ability to evoke beauty and allure are second to none.

And its popularity continues to rise as more people recognize its power transform mundane images into stunning works of art.


Five Glamour Photography Tips

In the realm of glamour photography, it's not just about having a good eye for composition or understanding lighting; it's also about knowing how to draw out the subject's inherent beauty and charisma. To help both budding and seasoned photographers hone their glamour photography skills, we've compiled five practical tips to elevate your glamour photography game. 

Master the Art of Lighting 

Good lighting can elevate a photo from ordinary to extraordinary. Experiment with different types and sources of lighting to highlight your subject's best features. Even with limited resources, you can shape light in various ways to achieve a different lighting style. Learn more about how to use one light for different effects in the video below.

How To Use One Light, Four Different Ways  — Glamour Photoshoots

Invest Time in Pre-Shoot Preparation 

Glamour photography is all about the details. Spend ample time prepping your subject's hair, makeup, and wardrobe and setting up the perfect backdrop.

Direct Your Subject 

Good direction can make a world of difference in glamour photography. Help your subject find flattering poses and capture their natural expressions. In this video by Tony & Chelsea Northrup, you’ll learn about various aspects of glamour photography from posing to lighting to styling.

Glamour Portrait Photoshoots - Model, Hair, Makeup, Styling, Lighting, Posing

Post-Production is Key 

Polished, high-end photos are a hallmark of glamour photography. Invest time in post-production to retouch and enhance your images.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere 

Ensure your subject feels comfortable and confident. A relaxed subject will contribute to more natural and captivating photos.

Glamour photography is a genre that focuses on capturing beauty and allure. By mastering the art of lighting, pre-shoot preparation, directing the subject, post production editing, and creating a comfortable atmosphere, photographers can create stunning images that bring out the natural beauty of their subjects.

For a general idea of the glamour photography, we've collected our favourite shots using StudioBinder's storyboard creator. Click the image below to explore the collection and you can even download a PDF for future reference and inspiration.

Glamour Portrait Moodboard  •  See the entire collection

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