One of the best ways to get your foot in the door of any industry, but especially show business, is to become an assistant. If you are an aspiring screenwriter, it’s a great idea to explore options for writers assistant jobs. But where do you look? Here are a few online resources that are a solid place to start when searching for writer’s assistant jobs. 

Writing jobs in film industry


Writers Assistant Jobs Indeed

Writers Assistant Jobs  •  Indeed

First on our list is one of the largest job searching tools on the internet — Indeed. Indeed allows you to search jobs in virtually any industry, any location, updated all the time. Indeed allows you to quickly see the location of a potential writer’s assistant job, the details of the role, and oftentimes even a rough estimate as to what the job will pay. 

Writers room assistant jobs


Where to find writing assistant jobs

Where to find writing assistant jobs

Glassdoor is another large job search database that is consistently updated online. In addition to searching Linkedin, Glassdoor is a great site to search for writer’s assistant jobs on a daily basis to keep up with what job opportunities have just been posted and where.

When it comes to writer’s assistant jobs, they can go pretty fast. So using sites like Indeed and Glassdoor that are updated every minute will give you an advantage in your job hunt. 

Where to find television writers assistant jobs

Entertainment Careers

Writers assistant jobs Los Angeles resources

Writers assistant jobs Los Angeles resources

Next on our list is a resource that is more focused toward show business. Entertainment Careers is a job search database dedicated to the entertainment industry. In fact, some of the largest production companies in the world post listings consistently to the site. On the site, you can find job postings ranging from gaming to music to the film industry.

This makes it a great place to specifically find writers assistant jobs that are posted by more well known studios and production companies. While it may be easy to get lost in different types of writers assistant jobs outside of the film industry on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, Entertainment Careers keeps the search focused. 

Writing jobs in film industry


Writers room assistant jobs on Linkedin

Writers room assistant jobs on Linkedin

If you have some experience in the film and television industry, a great resource to utilize when finding a writer’s assistant job is your own network. And the best way to utilize your network is through Linkedin.

Linkedin is the best way to professionally stay in touch with people you’ve worked with in the past. 

And in a gig-to-gig, project-to-project world like the film industry, these connections will be posting opportunities on their networks, especially Linkedin. As you continue to grow in your career, be sure to be mindful of connecting with others on Linkedin and similar platforms to leave the door open for future opportunities. 

Writers assistant jobs los angeles


While it may seem a bit odd to include Craigslist on here, it’s fair to say it can be an incredibly useful tool — when used with good judgment. This is especially true if you are local to entertainment city hubs like Los Angeles, New York, or Atlanta. Search through the ‘jobs’ section and narrow down your search to writers assistant jobs.

You might be surprised to find some opportunities. While the scale and pay of these opportunities will definitely vary, it is definitely worth searching through when living in a big city. Just remember to take every job posting with a grain of salt and be prepared for false leads.


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