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November 13, 2022


How to Write Action Breaks in Dialogue Featured

How to Write Action Breaks in Dialogue — Examples & Tips

Many screenwriters are praised for their witty and captivating dialogue. A skill that is far too underappreciated, however, is the

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What are Character Traits Featured

What are Character Traits — Examples & How to Write Them

Unique descriptions, whether internal or external, are key to creating memorable and meaningful characters. And regardless of medium, character traits

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What is a Mockumentary Definition Examples and History Featured

What is a Mockumentary — Definition, Examples & History

Oh mockumentaries how I love thee. Mockumentaries – or simply mock documentaries – have enticed and inspired the world for

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What is a Sitcom Definition Examples and History Explained Featured

What is a Sitcom — Definition, Examples and History Explained

What do Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Rick and Morty, Friends, and iCarly all have in common? They’re all sitcoms. The

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What is a Body Double in Film Featured

What is a Body Double in Film — Definition and Examples

There are many components that occur behind the scenes of a film that audiences don’t even realize occurs. Sometimes it’s

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What is a Show Bible Featured

What is a Show Bible — Examples and FREE Template

A show bible is an essential part of every tv series’ pre-production. But what is a show bible? And why is

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