30 Best Cinematography Techniques & Tips You Didn’t Learn in Film School

Cinematography can mean a lot of things, but its ultimately about capturing your desired images. Communicating the various techniques used to capture these images is what separates a working professional and a student.We'll provide a list of professional cinematography terms

March 26, 2023


What is a Shot List Featured StudioBinder

What is a Shot List? Examples and a Brief Definition

You’re an aspiring filmmaker, and dream of becoming a famous movie director. Or maybe you just really want to make

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What is a Storyboard Storyboard Artist Header StudioBinder

What is a Storyboard? The Fundamentals to Get You Started

  Storyboard EssentialsOpen menu What is a Storyboard Best Storyboard Software What is a Storyboard Artist Websites to Find a

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The Two Shot Examples of Camera Movements and Angles Featured

The Two Shot: Examples of Camera Movements & Angles

  Types of FramingOpen menu Establishing Shot Single Shot Two Shot Over the Shoulder Insert Shot POV Shot More ShotsOpen

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What is Shallow Depth of Field Definitions and Examples Featured

What is Shallow Depth of Field? Definitions and Examples

Whether you’re interested in photography or cinematography, you’ve seen the gamut of what can be done to manipulate images to

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What is an Ode Featured

What is an Ode — Definition, Examples, and Structure Explained

There are all sorts of styles in poetry, many of which have been around for centuries. Some are very theatrical,

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How to Write a Scene Description Script Elements Explained Featured

How to Write a Scene Description — Script Elements Explained

Arguably, the most critical component to master when writing a screenplay is the scene description. Scene descriptions are what communicate

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