John Wick Movies Ranked — What Makes Each Film Great

Like the countless henchmen felled by the hitman, audiences did not see John Wick coming. From the get-go, John Wick has felt out-of-time, a standout action series that doesn’t have many contemporaries. By the release of its fourth installment, the

June 4, 2023


What is Save the Cat Blake Snyders Beat Sheet Explained Featured

What is Save the Cat — Blake Synder’s Beat Sheet Explained

What is Save the Cat? If you are interested in screenwriting or currently learning the trade, then there is a

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What is a Compound Complex Sentence Structure Examples Featured

What is a Compound-Complex Sentence Structure — Examples

Sentences are at the core of any language. We all speak them, but we might not know exactly how to

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How to Make a Digital Mood Board Tips and Software Options Featured

How to Make a Digital Mood Board — Tips & Software Options

Creating a digital mood board is a great way to visualize ideas and stay organized. A mood board helps you

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How to Display Storyboards — A Guide with Presentation Tips Featured

How to Display Storyboards — A Guide with Presentation Tips

The process of making a storyboard takes a lot of creative energy. And once it's complete, the next step is

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How to Format a Script Featured

How to Format a Script Before Starting the Script Breakdown

So your script is done, and you are about to begin the script breakdown process. For the script to import

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What is an Art Director in Film Job Description Explained Featured

What is an Art Director in Film — Job Description Explained

You may have watched a film’s end credits and thought to yourself, “What is an art director in film?” After

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