Inception Hallway Scene — How They Shot It Without CGI

The Inception hallway scene is one of the all-time best cinematic action scenes – but how did director Christopher Nolan and his production team make it? We’re going to take you behind the scenes to show you the technical ingenuity

May 8, 2022


How to Write Comedy — Tips Techniques Script Examples Featured

How to Write Comedy — Tips, Techniques & Script Examples

Ask any creative writer what the hardest genre to write is and they’ll probably tell you that it’s comedy. That’s

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Character Tropes — Common Characters Types Explained Featured

Character Tropes — 15 Common Character Types Explained

What is a character trope? In screenwriting, a trope is a common element of a story. In other words, a

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What is Land Art — History of Earthworks Land Art Movement Featured

What is Land Art — History of Earthworks & Land Art Movement

What is land art? In this post, we’ll be providing a definition and overview of this artistic movement, then digging

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How to Create a Documentary Shot List — Step by Step Guide Featured

How to Create a Documentary Shot List — Step-by-Step Guide

It is common practice to create a shot list when preparing to shoot a narrative film. What about documentaries? Documentaries

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Camera Report Template — Free Downloads and Guide Featured

Camera Report Template — Free Downloads and Guide

In the era of the digital camera, there are numerous settings and adjustments that can be made on a camera.

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What is a Casting Director — Job Description Duties Salary Featured

What is a Casting Director — Job Description, Duties & Salary

You might think you know what a Casting Director does, but you would likely be only partially right. Casting Directors

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