What is a Superhero — Definition, Types and Characteristics

Why do we love superheroes? Is it because we fantasize about having powers that make us greater than what we are? Or maybe it's because we long for justice in an unjust world? Is it because we’re bored and there’s

January 29, 2023


How to Film Weddings — Wedding Videography Pro Tips Featured

How to Film Weddings — 10 Wedding Videography Pro-Tips

A couple’s wedding can be one of the biggest days in their life. Usually, all they will have to remember

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What is Ambient Light — Lighting Techniques Explained Featured

What is Ambient Light — Lighting Techniques Explained

If you’re a photographer or cinematographer, chances are you’ve used ambient light, whether you’ve known it or not. This type

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What is a Monologue Featured

What is a Monologue — Definition, Examples & Types Explained

Some of the most iconic lines in the history of literature and cinema have come from monologues. As a character

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Dialogue Prompts for Writers Featured

Dialogue Prompts for Writers — Lines To Get You Writing Now

What’s the most difficult aspect of writing dialogue? Ask any ten writers and you’re bound to get a range of

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What is Modern Art Definition History and Examples Featured

What is Modern Art — Definition, History and Examples

Do you ever look at a painting in a modern art museum and wonder “what am I looking at?” We've

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What is Homage Definition and Examples in Art and Film Featured

What is Homage — Definition & Examples in Art and Film

Art is inherently referential; everyone is influenced by something that came before. Great (and not-so-great) artists all get inspiration from

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