If you’re like me, you and a few filmmaker friends love to send each other videos and news about the latest state-of-the-art filming equipment. Camera gear is always improving, and we like to keep ourselves educated on the cutting edge film technology.

Today, we’re going to show you pro ARRI camera stabilizer systems. Let’s look at some of the best film gear around:

Types of Camera Stabilizers

Types of camera gear

Before we jump into the ARRI camera stabilizers, let's remind ourselves of the various types of camera gear available. Here's a video breakdown of the various types of camera rigs, how they work, and how they add to the "feel" and look of a shot.

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Advanced Film Equipment

ARRI Maxima Stabilizer System

The ARRI Maxima is an electronic three-axis gimbal. The gimbal also has a ball-bearing roll cage with brushless motors to help the operation.

Arri Maxima Stabilizer


ARRI Maxima Stabilizer

  • Weight: 14.7 lb
  • Payload: 66.1 lb
  • Price: $21,530.00

A similar stabilizer setup would be the DJI Ronin-2 or the MoVi Pro, but these options are priced much more reasonably than the Maxima.

It’s no secret that ARRI makes some of the best cameras and lighting systems around, so why wouldn’t they make the best camera stabilizers. Tiffen has, for years, been the authority on stabilization systems, and in many cases they still are, but if you’re producing the next Star Wars or James Bond film, you might be renting these stabilizers from ARRI. 

Professional Video Equipment

ARRI SRH-3 Stabilizer System

The ARRI SRH-3 is a three-axis remote head placed in areas too difficult or dangerous for a human operator, like on a moving vehicle.

Arri SRH3 Stabilizer


ARRI SRH-3 Stabilizer

  • Weight: 19.8 lb
  • Payload: 66.1 lb
  • Price: $65,700.00

This is the most expensive stabilization system currently in the world though it is closely followed by the ARRI Trinity. 

As mentioned before, the ARRI SRH-3 is the perfect piece of equipment for the high octane car chase sequences you might find in James Bond or the Fast and Furious franchise, or maybe for that Mad Max sequel.

Video Production Equipment

ARRI Artemis Stabilizer System

The ARRI Artemis is a mechanical stabilizer (no power necessary) used for both broadcast television and narrative filmmaking. 

Arri Artemis Stabilizer


ARRI Artemis Stabilizer

  • Weight: 7.6 lb
  • Payload: 110 lb
  • Price: $20,100.00

Advanced Video Technology

ARRI Trinity Stabilizer System

The ARRI Trinity is a hybrid camera stabilizer that combines mechanical stabilization with electronic stabilization through a gimbal. It gives you five axes of control that helps you keep your shots silky smooth.

Arri Trinity Stabilizer


ARRI Trinity Stabilizer

  • Weight: 20 lb
  • Payload: 60 lb
  • Price: $60,700.00

This is the most expensive human-operated camera stabilizer in the world, and a much less expensive option would be the Basson Endless 3.

Up Next

Cinematography Techniques

Cinematic footage is often a marriage of opportunity, knowledge, and the will to act. No matter what your budget might be, the most important thing is for you to lace up your shoes and shoot well thought out footage. 

Check out our next post on cinematography techniques, where we show you some helpful lighting setups that will get you closer to cinematic footage, and ultimately closer to your visual goals.  

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