By now, everyone knows that it’s critical for every brand to have a social media presence. Learning to post videos to Twitter is essential for successful media presence.

But, far too often businesses are short-sighting their social media campaigns by not knowing how to post videos on Twitter.

The truth is, if you don’t know how to “tweet” a video then you’re missing a huge audience for little to no expense. So, if it’s time to play catch up on social media, don’t worry. Today, we’re going to teach you how to create compelling content that immediately draws audiences in how to upload those videos to Twitter.


Know your options for uploading

Videos for social engagement need to immediately speak to the heart of every user. Whether that's through humor, inspiration, fear, or love is up to the brand and its identity.

Since early 2016, tweets with video have increased by over 50%. Furthermore, 82% of Twitter users watch videos on the platform.

So it is important to figure out exactly what type of video you want to post.

How to Post Videos on Twitter - Twitter Video Uploads - Twitter Video Formats - How to Tweet a Video - Guide to Upload Twitter Video

Join the party and post videos to Twitter.

Different types of videos are good for different things. They can be optimized for their strengths in different ways.  

Twitter supports everything from stylized, professionally-produced content to  more casual videos you record on the fly.

Your engagement goals will largely determine how you post videos on Twitter.  

But , just understand that when you post a video on Twitter, you are 6x more likely to get a retweet than if you only post a photo.

How to Post Videos on Twitter - Upload Video on Twitter

Uploading videos to Twitter is only half the battle

Now, will you shoot something, run it through post, and then upload it for a cleaner, polished look? Or will you make your video for Twitter in the app and push it live immediately?

Or will you opt for the newest Twitter video format?

Here are the types of  videos that you can post to Twitter, but remember that each has their own set of pros and cons.


Recording video on your iPhone or Android and then uploading it to Twitter is a great way to create a casual, informal vibe.

Maybe show behind the scenes footage in the office. Or use it to promote an event your brand is hosting or speaking at.


In addition to recording on your phone, Twitter also lets you livestream right from  the app. This lets you broadcast to consumers in real time. It’s perfect for a Q and A or to record a speech or performance.


One way to upload videos on Twitter is to record it separately, edit the footage, and then use Twitter’s video upload feature to share your video file.


Get the conversation going with a well-produced, tightly crafted work of branded content. This can  potentially reach millions of people depending on the quality of the piece.

Then, create amazing engagement with those who follow you by doing a casual Q & A. You will further their appreciation of your brand and your content.

How to Post Videos on Twitter - Twitter Video Uploads - Twitter Video Formats - How to Tweet a Video - Live Videos Upload

Twitter video upload isn’t just about pre-made content. Live action works well, too.

But what if you want to your Twitter video upload to reach people who aren’t already following you?


The previous Twitter video formats  we listed are all ones that will show up organically on users' timelines.  This means users will only see posts if they follow you.

How to Post Videos on Twitter - Twitter Video Uploads - Twitter Video Formats - How to Tweet a Video - Analytical Information

Posting videos on Twitter gives you access to analytical information.

But a scripted, promoted video might be perfect for your brand if you’re looking to further your outreach, increase impressions, and don’t mind stretching the budget just a little.

In addition to promoted videos, users can can also post cards, such as an instant unlock card or a video website card. These are used to get consumers to promote your video and, in return, unlock some kind of exclusive feature.

These can also be used to promote a Twitter video featuring a headline or URL that users can use, which will funnel them to a specific site or landing page.

You can use a combination of these types of videos over the course of your campaign as long as you are able to keep track of the audience engagements, dates and distribution reach.  

The best way to do this without pulling your hair out is with a production calendar.  Using production management software like StudioBinder can insure that you won’t get overwhelmed and you can plan an effective campaign for the release of all of your videos.


Understand the fine print

There are few rules you must know about posting video to Twitter for the best display of your content.

When you post videos on Twitter, think MP4 or MOV.

It’s also important to note that Twitter video uploads can be up to 512MB, but no longer than two minutes and twenty seconds.



  • MIN RESOLUTION: 32 x 32
  • MAX RESOLUTION: 1920 x 1200
  • MAX FRAME RATE: 40 fps
  • MAX BITRATE: 25 Mbps
  • MAX TIME: 2 min 20 sec

Unfortunately, slow motion isn’t really compatible within the Twitter app as its fastest frame rate is 40 fps.

But, if you create a slow-motion video outside the app at a higher frame rate and then upload the video to Twitter, it should display correctly.

Getting the specs right simply requires a little attention to detail before you record or export, but does not require an expert.


Learn step-by-Step

Let’s start with the basics of how to post videos to Twitter.

From there, we can advance to making premium content that gets liked and shared, and amplifies your brand.

How to post and tweet a video on Twitter

The run-and-gun feel of the directly recorded Twitter video format makes your audience feel a stronger sense of immersion. Though it’s rarely as clean and controlled as the pre-edited Twitter video uploads.


How to post a video to Twitter?

Posting a Video to Twitter is an easy step-by-step way to utilize social media for awareness, engagement, and marketing. Here are the five steps:

Posting Video

  • 1. Tap the Tweet icon.
  • 2. Tap the video icon.
  • 3. Hold down the record button. You record up to two minutes, twenty seconds of video.
  • 4. If you don't like the ending or beginning, you can drag a particular section of the clip by moving the thumbnails sideways when finished. That will cut off that portion of your video.
  • 5. When you're done, hit Done.
  • 6. Add some engaging copy and fire away!

We told you it’s simple enough if you are posting through the app. But, because this is limited in scope for the script of your project or for branded content, there is another way too.  

No matter what kind of video you’re posting, or your intended audience, keep track of what you’re producing and distribution with an all-in-one production calendar with software like StudioBinder. Keep track of all your marketing data in one place with an all in production management solution.


Uploading video made elsewhere

Here is the method for sharing a tightly-produced commercial spot or branded content that isn't a simple cell phone video.  

If you're using Twitter’s video upload feature:

A voice to talk you through the simple posting to Twitter process

It is important to know that Twitter users who saw branded content video uploads were 28% more likely to make a purchase than your everyday web user.


How to upload a video to Twitter?

Uploading a Video to Twitter is an easy way to use previously made video for social media, including for branded content. Here are the steps:

Uploading Video

  • 1. Tap the Tweet icon.
  • 2. Tap the images icon.
  • 3. Select the video to upload.
  • 4. If you want to cut it down, do so with the slide. 
  • 5. Add some copy and send it out!

So whether it is branded content or promoted video, uploading to Twitter is easy to do.  But with all things easily done, there is a catch.

We have to mention that just because something can be uploaded doesn’t mean it should be.  Think long and hard about the content that represents your brand. This subject brings us to an inevitable question.


Create the best for your audience

Now that you know which Twitter video format works best for your needs and how to upload videos to Twitter, it's time for you to start making them.

What an “expert” thinks about posting to Twitter

So what should your Twitter video upload contain? That’s up to you, but here are some suggestions that work:

Start Big

You want to grab their attention at the top. Don’t build to something - hit them right away.

Showcase People

Videos that feature people in the first few seconds see a 133% increase in engagement.

Keep it Brief

Sure the limit is two minutes and twenty seconds, but videos around 15 seconds perform the best.

Feature Text

Videos with text are 11% more likely to be viewed according to Postplanner.

Call to Action

And ending your video with a CTA helps your viewer take the next step.


How do I make a video for twitter?

One way to make sure your video post for Twitter stands out is to use great visual storytelling techniques to engage the viewer.  Here are some tips for making memorable and eye-catching video.

How to make your video stand out on Twitter?

  • Try playing with camera angles,
  • Use color coordination
  • Play with lighting to make more dynamic visuals.
  • Put emphasis on the visuals rather than the dialogue

When scripting and budgeting for your production remember tok try to think outside the box. If you rely entirely on back and forths between actors to communicate your message in your video for Twitter, viewers will miss the point and keep scrolling.

You can concept and plan all of this out with StudioBinder’s StoryBoard feature. It makes it easy to visualize scenes and keep your entire team on the same page.

Another great way to enhance retention is to use motion graphics and visual storytelling to express your narrative or brand message. 

That way you can make sure no matter how viewers  choose to consume your content, it will always be impressive.


Creative video ideas list

If making videos for Twitter caught your interest, maybe it’s time for you to move up to the next level. Making film or video that is dynamic and eye-catching is not rocket science. Take a look at our next posts, where we explore some of the best ideas for creating not just videos but channels for your content.

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