Today, there are thousands of podcasts available to stream on every topic imaginable, and so it’s no real surprise that the market caught up quickly.  Now, with just some simple software, anyone can start a podcast. But how do you know which software to choose? Just like podcasts: there are a ton. Most of the best podcast recording softwares are the ones that can both record and edit, but let’s go through our top picks so you can determine what’s best for you and your needs.


Recording & Podcast Editing Software

For Mac and Windows

Podcast SOftware

Powerful solutions to get you started

If you’re new to the podcasting world, you’ll need a tool to record and edit your podcast. These are called Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). Most DAWs can edit and record, some master your podcast automatically, while others take care of it all for you. Some software solutions are web based, others are install computer programs.

Whatever you’re looking for, there are options to start a podcast on a budget.

free podcast recording software


Audacity is a completely free podcast recording software and a podcast editing software. It’s a great “first” software because it doesn’t cost you anything and has all of the features you would need in the beginning. You can record, edit tracks, clean up the audio and export various file types. It’s one of the best podcast recording softwares for the beginner or someone not looking to spend money initially.

Audacity Tutorial

  • Free
  • Online tutorials
  • Will run on anything (Mac, Windows Linux)
  • Full recording and editing capabilities
  • Clunky and unattractive
  • Lacks multitrack recording

free podcast recording software


This is kind of like if Audacity had a paid version. The editing features are much better and it can essentially run on anything. For just under $100, you'll get multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

Best Podcast Recording Software: Reaper Tutorial

  • Comes with 60 day trial
  • Under $100
  • Runs on anything
  • Fast to load
  • Fully functional DAW - record and edit
  • UI/UX customization
  • Takes time to get use to

Best Podcast Recording Software

Hindenburg Journalist

This is a true podcast software. It’s designed for podcasters and radio broadcasters with a higher production value compared to its competition. Its entry-level is $95 which gives you recording, editing and the ability to upload your files straight to Libsyn or SoundCloud. There’s also a higher version that has a Skype recorder built-in, but for the price of $375, probably isn’t worth it. If you want to piece together a few different interviews or clips, this is a great tool to do that.

Hindenburg Journalist Pro tutorial

  • Sets audio levels automatically
  • Uploads straight to streaming services
  • Clipboard saves interview clips for later
  • Super expensive version hijacks most of the features

Audio Editing Software for Podcasts

Adobe Audition

This is a pro level podcasting software that comes in at about $20 per month. But compared to the competition, the features are way more advanced.  Certain capabilities can even affect your sound profile as you record over time. It’s an advanced software and can feel overwhelming but Adobe comes equipped with a ton of tutorials that any level podcaster can use. There are quite a few noise-reduction capabilities, including advanced EQ and compression. Originally, this was Cool Edit Pro. If you already have a Creative Cloud account, you already have access!

Learn Audition

  • Features can improve you as a podcaster
  • Massive amounts of tutorials!
  • Takes time to learn
  • Expensive

Top Podcast Recording Software


Once you’ve already recorded your session, Auphonic edits it like a pro. No, really. This is a great software for someone who doesn’t feel like editing. And it’s fast and affordable. They’re a subscription-based company who takes your clips and analyzes your podcast for a variety of things. It levels your audio, reduces noise, exports to YouTube, transcribes in over 80 languages, and a hell of a lot more. For $11 per month, you can process 9 hours of audio. Free version gives you 2 hours.

Best software to record a podcast: Auphonic tutorial

  • Saves you time
  • Affordable
  • Transcribes audio
  • Saves to SoundCloud, Libsyn, Google Drive, Dropbox and others
  • Levels audio
  • You’ll still have to check your audio for other issues - algorithm only finds so much 
  • Desktop version missing some features

Best Podcast Creation Software


Instead of using podcast software on just one computer, you can use web-based applications. Alitu is just that. It automates the editing process like noise, leveling. You can upload your initial recording and even add a custom intro or outro. It can also publish directly to Libsyn, Buzzsprout, and more.

Alitu podcast

  • Easy to use
  • Removes the noise
  • Makes the entire process from production to editing pretty simple
  • Can’t set audio settings manually
  • Limited recording

Long Distance Podcast Software


This is a great paid option when you’re looking to step away from Skype or Zoom. It records remote interviews and calls. It records both ends of the convo so you don’t have to worry about losing a great interview. 

It’s a long distance solution for several people. The host sends a link to the guest (a max of three guests). The cloud records the interview as an audio file and uploads it to the cloud on the host’s drive in real time. Once the interview is complete, each person’s audio track is readily available for editing.

Squadcast tutorial

  • Your guests don’t need an account
  • Can podcast with video
  • Automatically saves to cloud
  • Multi-track recording for you and each guest is easy to edit later
  • Priced fairly high for only getting 2 hours of recording/month
  • No editing on tracks

Best Podcast Software


Cleanfeed is a top notch audio-only solution for long distance podcasting. If you don’t need video, this is a great choice. You have the option to choose how you’d like to record the call, can record everyone on separate tracks if needed. Connect with multiple people across Mac, Windows, Android, Linux.

Best podcast audio software: Cleanfeed Walkthrough

  • Only host needs an account
  • Multitrack recording + can adjust levels while recording
  • Great for podcasters with really long episodes
  • Free version lacks multitrack recording making it hard to edit/adjust levels
  • No video
  • Not for iOS users (no iPhone or iPad)

Free Podcast Recording Software


This podcast software is by far the most superior to other long distance options. And this is true for what you can get for your money comparatively, what the free version offers, and its capabilities overall.

It doesn’t compromise on audio quality. It records each guest as a separate lossless WAV track and saves it to the host’s drive and cloud services. The final audio is mixed into a single track with levels already adjusted. For this alone, it’s one of the top podcast recording softwares out there.

Their built-in VoIP service eliminates any need to worry about using third party services like Skype. And by far the best feature is the ability to edit on the spot. There is a soundboard that the host can use in the middle of recording! Add intro or outro music, sound effects, and other clips. But more importantly, you can make proper adjustments during so you have less work to do later. The free version boasts 8 hours of unedited recording, max up to 2 guests.

Best software for making podcasts: Zencastr Tutorial

  • WAV and MP3 recording
  • Saves directly to drive and cloud
  • Up to 3 hours per session (not month like most softwares)
  • Auto processed with the best sound quality
  • Unlimited guests
  • No other editing tools
  • Paid versions get expensive

Video Podcast Software

Everyone knows Zoom. It’s mostly reliable for that 15-30 minute chat. But, if you’re a podcaster, you’ll likely be interviewing for much longer. If you’re limited on budget, this is a good option. But it is a web based conferencing software and so if guests’ Internet connections are bad, the result could be spotty. It keeps it simple and records your podcast on its own server. Once you’re finished recording, you’ll get the audio file emailed to you.

How To Record A Podcast On Zoom

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Internet glitches
  • Relying on their servers not stored locally

Best Podcast Software


Ringr is another web software for long distance but it records on your individual computer. Because it records at both ends, the host’s and the guest’s, the quality is great and won’t ever be affected by Internet connection. There’s tiered pricing but the basic version gives you unlimited calls and delivers great quality.

Ringr Tutorial

  • Also works on mobile
  • Unlimited storage and calling
  • Double-ended recording
  • After 30 days, no free version
  • Can’t split track on basic (paid) version

Podcast Recording Software


Spreaker is actually a podcast hosting platform, but they’ve created a mobile app for podcasting too. If you happen to use their hosting platform, the app is simple and seamless. You can record a podcast right from your phone. The Spreaker app even has a sound cart that you can load music onto, you can live broadcast, and also use Skype to interview a guest or interact with a co-host.

Podcasting with Spreaker

  • Fun and easy to use
  • Mobile
  • Connects well to hosting software
  • Mobile only

Long Distance Podcast Software

Ecamm Call Recorder and Pamela

If you use Skype and need to record calls, try Ecamm. It’s a great add-on for Mac users. And if you’re a Windows user, Pamela is another solid option for this.


Podcast Software

For Mac Only

Podcast Software mac

Garage Band

If you own a Mac, you already have Garageband. Known primarily as a musician’s tool, it’s still a DAW that records and edits audio with ease. If you’re strapped for cash, it’s a really solid option. If you’re working on a project on one Apple device, you can pick up where you left off on a different device.

How to record and edit a podcast in Garageband

  • Great for on-the-go work
  • Free and already on your apple devices
  • Easy to use
  • Not as robust as other podcast software
  • Lacks multitrack recording for several guests

Best Podcast software for mac

Twisted Wave

Okay, so it doesn’t look the best. But this is a software that records, edits and masters your tracks at a really reasonable price point. It finds dead spots in your audio with its silence detector and can be used on your phone.

Record a podcast with Twisted Wavw

  • Records, edits, and masters
  • Silence detector
  • Mobile
  • Other options available at better prices
  • Only for Mac

Mac Podcast Software

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a robust music production and audio editing software. For podcasters, I would recommend one of the other tools because it’s a bit more robust and complicated, typically geared for music production. But if you happen to be a musician or audio engineer, this is an incredible tool.

If you’re already using Garageband, it’s a seamless transition. The interface is the same and even your GarageBand files open easily in Logic.

Editing with Logic Pro

  • One -time purchase of $200
  • Logic Remote App for iPhone acts as second screen
  • High grade quality for everything offered-recording, mixing and mastering
  • Seamless from GarageBand
  • Most features are for music production and are unnecessary to the average podcaster

Podcast Software for Audio Engineers

Pro Tools

The same is true for Pro Tools. It’s another high quality and highly rated, music production software. It comes with a tiered pricing model, but for podcasting, the free version is likely more than enough. Again, these two tools are something to look into if you’re already familiar with either GarageBand or are an audio engineer. Just for podcasting, there are less complicated, cheaper options.

Edit a Podcast in Pro Tools

  • Free tutorials
  • Robust recording, editing, mixing and mastering
  • More simple software available
  • Most features are for music production


Additional Podcast Tools

Clips, Interviews, Scheduling

Podcast Editing Software


This is a great extra tool for sharing your podcast on social media. Wavve lets you create shareable audio clips to your social channels.

Turn audio into videos for social media

It’s clean and simple to use. They provide you with a slew of different templates and layouts to create videos that are on brand. You get started for free but they also have different pricing options.

Podcast Software Tools


Aside from recording and editing, another huge part of podcasting is transcriptions. This can be helpful for SEO but also for those who’d love to enjoy your show but can’t listen. You can use Scribie for transcribing at 80 cents a minute.

Transcribe with Scribie

Other Tools and Add-Ons

Music Radio Creative

This tool can make your podcast a bit more profesh. It adds high quality intros, outros, and voice-overs to level up your shows quality.

Level-up your sound with music radio creative

They make previewing these different options fun and easy.

podcast Software Planning

Book Like a Boss

This scheduling software allows people to book with you respecting their time and yours. You can customize your bookings with blocks that can include FAQs to Youtube videos, helping future guests prepare for interviews or even reach those “hard to book” guests. There are a variety of features with this software, that’s worth checking out.

Other Tools and Add-Ons


Notion is a great planning software that can be used for prep before the interview with you and your team. It’s essentially a collaborative, online workspace that keeps tasks and notes in one spot. You can brainstorm episode topics, draft scripts and take notes during the interview. You can also upload your processes for editing or writing scripts, (or any process) into Notion’s Knowledge Base tool to download everything your team does in order to easily train someone new on your team.

See how Notion is used by creatives

Podcast Hosting Software


This is primarily a podcast hosting software, but they have a ton of other features from promotion to tracking. They provide insightful analytics to see how you’re doing. They are affordable and worth looking into when you’re at this stage.

Getting Started with Buzzsprout

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, there’s no longer an excuse! There are so many solutions out there and at affordable prices. If you think you’ve found the right solution for you, great! Now how will you be hosting and distributing your podcast?


Filmmaking software and tools

Podcast software is obviously essential to creating a podcast but there are more tools you can use to take it to the next level. Video podcasts, for example, are also within reach as long as you have the right software. In the next post, we'll go through the best software for screenwriting, editing, scheduling, and more.

Up Next: Filmmaking software → 
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