While you may not choose to write an entire script on an app, there are some script writing apps that are more reliable and user friendly than others. They’re also great for the person who doesn’t have a ton of time to write throughout the day. Perfect for those magical, albeit inconvenient moments when inspiration hits. Don’t miss a good idea when you can simply give them a (sometimes free) place to live. Here’s a list of the best screenwriting apps out today, some quick specs, device compatibility and more. see which one is best for you.

Script Writing Apps

Best screenwriting apps 

Keep in mind, some applications are better as organizational tools before you start writing. Wherever you are in the process, a list of the best screenwriting apps might make your life easier, and get you one step closer to finally finishing that script.

How to Write Script on Iphone

1. Fade In

Fade In started as a solid alternative to Final Draft, a desktop screenwriting software with all of the bells and whistles you need in a software. It rarely crashes and doesn’t disappoint. The good news is that the new mobile app works just as well. Both types have a free demo version, where you can write and edit with a fair amount of features, though you do get substantially more with the paid version, and it’s significantly cheaper than many competitors.

Fade In

Best Screenwriting Apps  •  Fade In

Price: Free Demo Version / $4.99 

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad / Android

Desktop Version? Yes

Studiobinder App

2. StudioBinder

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course, I put StudioBinder on the list. But it literally does it all. It’s a web-based application that is very mobile friendly. The screenwriting software allows you to either import a previous script, or write directly in the app.

After that you can streamline the entire production process all the way to scheduling your shoot days. If you’re not into production, then just stick to writing. Share your work in real-time with those that do care about the production side of things, or just share the project with other writers to get some feedback.

Here's a rundown of StudioBinder's screenwriting software, its features and how easy it is to collaborate.

Explore StudioBinder’s free screenwriting web app  •  Subscribe on YouTube

Price: Free (paid upgrades)

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad / Android

Desktop Version? Yes

Best Screenwriting Apps

3. ScriptBuilder

A great mobile to help flesh out character, theme, and well, your story, when it matters most...when ideas pop into your head. The developer, Patrick Ridd wanted a space to capture all of his thoughts. With a ton of story structure features, ScriptBuilder will keep you organized and ready to write.

Best Screenwriting Apps ScreenBuilder

Brainstorm all your ideas in this script writing app

Price: Free (paid upgrades, i.e. any character builder sections)

Compatibility: iPhone

Desktop Version? No.

Contour Script Writing Software

4. Contour

Having trouble with your story? If you want help outlining, this might be the app for you. Developed by Emmy-winning screenwriter, Jeffrey Alan Schechter, it asks you to fill in the blanks, asking you questions about your protagonist to see what organically leads you to the next scene.


Best screenwriting apps  •  Contour

Price: $12.99 (app), $39.95 (desktop)

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Desktop Version? Yes

Final Draft Writer for iPad

5. Final Draft Go

Of course Final Draft made an app! Even though, they probably didn’t need to with the amount of screenwriters that already use their software. But, the downside is, you have to have already purchased desktop Final Draft, and it’s an additional fee for the app. It’s always only available for iOS as of now. But again, the value is industry standard. Though keep in mind, many of the cheaper apps above and below this, do take Final Draft docs.

Final Draft

Gold standard for screenwriting now mobile

 Price: $9.99 (for app), $250 (Final Draft software)

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Desktop Screenwriting Software? Of course. 

Celtx Script iPad

6. Celtx Script

Celtx has been a top player in script writing software - reliable and affordable. Now its mobile app allows you to bring your work with you anywhere.


Try Celtx mobile: top screenplay writing app

Price: Free (app), $14.99-$39.99/month (desktop software)

Compatibility: Android / Windows

Desktop Version? Yes

Storyist vs Final Draft

7. Storyist

Storyist is a great organizational tool as well as a screenwriting app. It works best on a desktop, but has an app version that works well. It’s great for the novelist who also dabbles in screenplays, as well as the screenwriter who wants to try writing a novel. It has manuscript templates and a slew of screenwriting features to house all of your creative ideas.


Try Storyist writing app for any project

Price: $14.99

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Desktop Version? Yes

iOS Writing Apps

8. Scrivener

Okay, so this one is best used as a web app, or desktop version, but the new mobile app is also available, and also has some pretty great features. It’s on the list because it’s one of the best organizational word processors out there. It has screenplay templates and formatting built in, if you need them, but is also ideal for the novelist. 

The app lets you import videos, images, and PDFs. On the iPad and desktop you can see documents or script pages side-by-side to make more efficient changes. The iPhone app lets you toggle back and forth between the different views offered. It’s a great tool to see your project from above. But Android users are out of luck, though you can use Scrivener on Windows.


See what you can do with Scrivener

Price: $40 for desktop software (Windows and Mac), $19.99 for mobile app

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Best Script Writing Apps

9. WriterDuet

Cloud-based screenwriting software now with a mobile app. Really great for writing partners, solid collaborations features for real-time workflows. Though the app itself may need an upgrade, especially some recent issues with the newer iPhones.


Screenplay writing apps for collaboration

Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad / Android

Desktop Version? Yes

Best Screenplay WRiting App

10. Causality

Develop your story from a higher perspective with this app that does it all in storyboards. It lays out the beats of your story visually, so you can save late night tweaking for your software. Its Story Sequencing Engine is a powerful tool that suggests plot problems and suggests more logical sequences.


Unique story building app

Price: Free (paid upgrades)

Desktop Version: Yes.

Movie Script Writing App

11. Slugline

This is a great stripped down script writing app because it doesn’t distract you from what you came to do - write. Automatic formatting with no extras.


Film script writing apps

Price: $19.99 (for the app), $39.99 (desktop)

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Desktop Version? Yes


12. Weekend Read

One of the best screenwriting apps designed for reading screenplays, instead of writing them. Developed by screenwriter, John August, it is a really practical app because it’s one of those things aspiring writers should do, but often don’t. If it’s on your phone, there’s no excuse! Upload any screenplay you want, and read it in the app (can upload multiple screenplay formats). Learn from the best.

Weekend Read

Brainstorming app for screenwriters

Price: Free (paid upgrades)

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Desktop Version: No.

iPhone Scripting App

13. Lists for Writers

Okay, so this is one is more of an add-on. You won’t write screenplay in here, but it will help you get unstuck if you’re struggling to write one. Lists for Writers literally splits up extremely useful categories of topics, and ideas for whatever you might need. Words, possible plot points, character occupations, personalities, settings, and more, are all there for you and your inspiration. Take advantage of the tools and builders to get going on that first scene.


Brainstorming app for screenwriters

Price: $2.99

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad / Android

Desktop Version? No.

Scripting App iOS

14. Index Card

One the best screenwriting apps for iPad, but assets are also liabilities. The downside of this one is its limited compatibility. As far as design goes, organize your scenes and plot points on digital index cards. Very user-friendly.

Index Card

Plan with best screenwriting app for ipad

Price: $4.99

Compatibility: iPad only

Desktop Version? No

My Screenplays Pro

15. MyScreenplays

For the Android lovers, sorry if you’ve been feeling left out. Though keep in mind, if you don’t use any Apple products, many of the apps above do have desktop versions that work on Windows. MyScreenplays is a mobile app just for Androids! The coolest part about it is the ability to move elements (your action lines, dialogue, scenes) around from different sequences easily. Auto formatting and user friendly features make this a go-to for Android users.

20 Best Screenwriting Apps - MyScreenplays - StudioBinder

Brainstorm all your ideas in this script writing app

Price: $1.99

Compatibility: Android

Desktop Version? No.

Scripts Pro App

16. Scripts Pro

Perfect for writing scripts on-the-go. Export your drafts to email or Dropbox. A separate preview mode is helpful when you need to stop writing and start editing. Compatible with Final Draft and Celtx.

Scripts Pro

Best screenplay apps

Price: $9.99

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Desktop Version? No. 

Writing Software for Android

17. Trelby

This screenplay app is completely free. There aren’t any locked features or script limits. And there aren’t even any watermarks across your pages, which might be my favorite part. And if you know some mild code, you can actually modify the app to fit your needs, rather easily. But, Apple users will have to sit this one out...for now.

Trelby screenwriting

Finally a free screenwriting app

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android

Desktop Version: Yes (Windows, Linux)

iPad Screenwriting App

18. Hanx Writer

In collaboration with Tom Hanks, hitcent.com developed a typewriter simulator app. It recreates the look, feel and sound of the old school word processor. It’s fun but don’t worry, it also has 21st century capabilities. You can send and share any document you type on Hanx, and collaborate like you would on a basic sounding, less cool laptop.

Hanx Writer

Not bad, Tom Hanks, not bad

Price: Free with paid upgrades

Compatibility: iPad

Desktop Version? No. 

Screenplay Writing App Free

19. Beat

Truly focused on the screenwriter. No frills or distractions. Focus on writing. Minimal features, but auto-formatting is key, and it’s completely free.

20 Best Screenwriting Apps - Beat - StudioBinder

Yes, another free screenwriting app

Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Desktop Version: No.


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