Hulu has really stepped up its game in the television world. From sci comedies to heartbreaking dramas, to creepy Stephen King sagas, we’ve curated Hulu’s eclectic collection below. Here are some of the best shows on Hulu right now.

Best Shows on Hulu

Killing Eve (2018)

Killing Eve  •  Trailer

For the last three seasons, this show has given viewers one of the best cat and mouse games on television to date--and it’s (finally) between two badass women. The show doesn’t just stand out for plot---both Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer finally have roles that stand up to their acting skills.

The characters’ mutual infatuation with each other throughout the series makes for a great watch, though season one definitely comes out on top.

TV Shows to Watch on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

What distinguishes Killing Eve isn't just that Villanelle is a categorically transgressive female character; it's also that she's interesting. Full Review --Hannah Giorgis, The Atlantic

Best TV Shows on Hulu

Handmaid’s Tale (2017)

Handmaid's Tale  •  Trailer

What makes a great book to film adaptation? It involves much more than just being true to plot. Having the know-how to externalize such an internal novel as Atwood’s heady Handmaid’s Tale was truly an incredible feat. And this achievement was almost overshadowed by Elizabeth Moss’s (and the entire cast) acting chops throughout the series.

If Season 1 grabbed you, but you fell off somewhere in the middle, jump back in.  You’ll be happy you did.

Good Shows to Watch on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

For many, the anguish of watching won't be worth it. But the vision of a totalitarian society is realised so fully that the story remains gripping and its message vital. Full Review--Lauren Carroll Harris, The Guardian

Popular Shows on Hulu

High Fidelity (2020)

High Fidelity  •  Trailer

Not everyone was super thrilled when Hulu announced this remake. But once Zoe Kravitz was attached as the new lead, instead of a John Cusack look-alike, it got a little exciting. Kravitz’ character revisits old loves through music and pop culture, modernizing the original story and honestly, making it one of the better remakes we’ve seen in awhile. But unfortunately, Hulu canceled the show after one season---no one really knows why and it’s yet another heartbreak we have to get over.

Best TV Shows on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

Despite looking effortlessly cool, Kravit manages to embody the slacker superfan perfectly; she's both annoyingly self-pitying and relatable (particularly to those of us who have ended relationships on the basis of bad record collections). Full Review --Kylie Northover, The Age

New Popular Shows on Hulu

Ramy (2019)

Ramy  •  Trailer

Ramy explores the highs and lows of finding yourself as a 20-something year-old caught between a Muslim upbringing and a millenial generation. It’s raw, it’s funny, and gives a fresh perspective on how a young person navigates their future.

Golden Globe winning, and Emmy nominated Ramy Youssef, produces and stars in this Hulu hit.

New Shows on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

It's a show about being a Muslim-American in which both of those words are given equal weight. And that makes all the difference. Full Review--David Fear, Rolling Stone

Shows to Watch on Hulu

Difficult People (2015)

Difficult People  •  Trailer

Since 2015 we’ve been able to watch Billy Eichner from Billy on the Street  in a real life sitcom. Difficult People is about two best friends living in Manhattan, and how their quirky selves get them into some pretty awkward situations. It’s funny, raw, a little existential, and worth the watch. Julie Klausner stars alongside Billy Eichner, who both give great performances.

Good TV Shows on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

Difficult People could’ve been called People With Impulse-Control Problems, or maybe just Assholes. That’s a compliment, incredibly. Full Review-- Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture

Good Shows on Hulu

Devs (2020)

Devs  •  Trailer

Okay, so this one isn’t a Hulu original, it hails from FX, but I wanted to add it to the list. A young software engineer begins to investigate the company she works for after she suspects foul play when her boyfriend takes his own life. As she learns more, she uncovers a tech conspiracy that could change the world.

A unique Sci-fi limited series from FX. If you stick with it for the first several episodes, the end will be worth it. Stars Nick Offerman and Sonoya Mizuno.

New Shows on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

It's a deep, dark, wild ride. How much of it deals in pure imagination and how much of it is grounded in stuff already here I don't know. And please - nobody tell me. It's better this way. Full Review ---Lucy Mangan, Guardian

Best Shows on Hulu

Harlots (2017)

Harlots  •  Trailer

18th century drama set in London. A brothel owner and mother to two daughters is under attack by a rival madam. As a war breaks out over this profitable sex industry, the brothel owner risks everything, even her family, to protect her business.

Best Hulu Shows

Critic Review Highlight

This is a new style of historical drama, comparable perhaps to The Favourite but faster moving - and it's also differently inflected in being a show almost entirely created by women. Full Review --David Sexton, London Evening Standard

Animated Shows on Hulu

Rick and Morty: 4th Season (2019)

Season 4  •  trailer

Dan Harmon’s irreverent cartoon comedy is back, and you can stream the entire fourth season this November. The first episode of the season Rick (Justin Roiland) takes Morty (also voiced by Roiland) to an alien planet to gather crystals that can show you how you’ll die. Morty takes one without Rick knowing. Once Morty sees a possible future of dying old with Jessica, (Kari Wahlgren), he starts taking action to that future, where he accidentally kills Rick. A weird holographic version of Rick appears to show Morty how to resurrect him.

This season also boasts a unique but stellar guest cast, including Taika Waititi, Elon Musk, and Susan Sarandon.

Best Hulu Shows

Critic Review Highlight

“Rick and Morty Season 4 may not be the most consistent in overall quality, but it does boast several of the series' best episodes. Season 4 shows a repeated willingness to think outside the box even as it takes a fairly "back to basics" approach to storytelling.” Full Review---Jesse Schedeen, IGN Nordic

Good Shows on Hulu

Casual (2015)

Casual  •  Trailer

An emotionally driven comedy, feel-good and real. After his sister’s divorce, Alex and her move back in together and navigate dating life while trying to raise his sister’s teenage daughter.

Comes from the director of Juno and Up in the Air. An enjoyable twist on the struggles of dating and what it means to be family. Potentially cut off too soon, But at least there are four seasons. Stars Michaela Watkins, Tommy Dewey, and Tara Lynne Barr.

TV Shows to Watch on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

"Casual" slowly reveals unique characters searching for connection when the rhythms of modern life often alienate us. Full Review--Eric Deggans, NPR

Top Shows on Hulu

Pen15 (2019)

Pen15  •  Trailer 

An actual account of what middle school was like but as an adult comedy. The trailer alone is perfect. Maya Erskine and Anna Konle star in Pen15 playing the 13 year old versions of themselves, and it’s just spectacular.

Hilarious and everything we need.

Best Shows on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

Rarely has the maddening insecurities of being a teenager been so ably mocked but utterly understood with sympathy. Full Review--John Doyle, Globe and Mail

Top Shows on Hulu

Little Fires Everywhere (2019)

Little Fires Everywhere  •  Trailer

Based on Celeste Ng’s bestselling book with the same title, Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington bring solid performances to a story exploring motherhood through a set of very different lenses. The nature of identity, race, and what secrets can do to relationships is explored.

Lynn Shelton was a light on this show---directing many episodes and being a huge contributor to its success.

TV Shows to Watch on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

The cast here is fantastic (the kids are unbelievably good) and it's packed with clever detail. Full Review -- Melinda Houston, Sydney Morning Herald

Must Watch Shows on Hulu

Castle Rock (2018)

Castle Rock  •  Trailer

Welcome to Stephen King’s multi-universe. This psychological-horror combines many of his beloved works into one television series. King fans will love discovering all of the Easter eggs from Cujo to IT. 

A show that weaves a ton of King’s works into one series. Perfect for the horror fanatic. Stars Bill Skarsgård, André Holland, Lizzy Caplan.

Good Shows on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

For a purposely misleading series that prided itself on all its enigmas, Castle Rock answered its major questions in unexpected and impressive ways, while once again tying itself to the greater King universe. Full Review --- Brandon Katz, Observer

Must Watch Shows on Hulu

Looking for Alaska (2019)

Looking for Alaska  •  Trailer

Based on the book by John Green, this mini series strays from original material but we’re not mad a bit but in a very good way. The book keeps us inside the head of our protagonist, Miles, relying on his view of the world to give us enough satisfaction about what we learn and who he cares most about. This adaptation takes time fleshing out the character in a way that feels rich and honest to the original story without actually following the original story.

It’s no wonder it comes from the teen-tv titans Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage who were part of The O.C. and Gossip Girl.

Top Shows on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

Looking For Alaska takes huge advantage of the chance to flesh out its ensemble. Full Review--- Caroline Siede, AV Club

Good Shows on Hulu

Future Man (2017)

Future Man  •  Trailer

Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games), is a janitor by day and a gamer by night. His life goes from completely boring to living a video game that will actually save the world. He travels through time, completing missions to prevent the extinction of mankind.

Coming from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg it’s no surprise that….

Sci Fi Shows on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

“...Future Man is what happens when giddy, geeky and inspired storytelling is allowed to go full throttle." Full Review -- Nick Allen, Critic from 

Romantic Shows on Hulu

Normal People (2020)

Normal People  •  Trailer

This love story comes from Sally Rooney’s beloved best-selling book and viewers have been equally enamored with it on screen. The series follows Marianna and Connell as they explore the many versions of themselves over several years during their on and off again relationship. Stars Daisy Edgar-Jones, Paul Mescal, and Desmond Eastwood.

A love story that actually shows just how complicated intimacy is, at any age.

Love Stories on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

Their love will tear you apart. Full Review--James Poniewozik, The New York Times

Fantasy Shows on Hulu

Monsterland (2020)

Monsterland  •  Trailer

Coming to Hulu October 2nd, this anthology series is based on the book of short stories North American Lake Monsters: Stories  by Nathan Ballingrud. Just in time for Halloween, odd creatures take shape becoming a real nightmare in Monsterland. Stars Kaitlyn Dever, Erinn Anova, and Tina Benko.

Encounters with mythical creatures like mermaids and fallen angels, inspire broken people to do desperate things.

Fantasy Stories on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

On the whole, the casting in Monsterland is excellent, giving under-appreciated actors like Beharie, Kelly Marie Tran, and Kaitlyn Dever meaty leading roles. Full Review--Katie Rife, AV Club

Nostalgic Shows on Hulu

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer  •  Trailer

With seven seasons available, Hulu brings us back to the underworld in the late 90s. Sarah Michelle Gellar is none other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a teenage girl somehow gifted with a strong and albeit, comedic ability, to hunt vampires. Nostalgic and just in time for Halloween.

Hulu brings Buffy back from the dead.

Vampire Stories on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

Twenty years on, the brilliance of Joss Whedon’s funny, tragic seven-season synthesis of most film and TV genres, literary conceits and pop cultural tropes remains undimmed. Full Review-- Lucy Mangan, The Guardian.

Throwback Shows on Hulu

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep  •  Trailer

The legendary Supermarket Sweep is getting a reboot. The iconic grocery store game show will be premiering on ABC on October 18th, set to hit Hulu the following day. Leslie Jones is set to host.

Really hoping Leslie Jones plays up the cheese for this reboot. Pun intended. The last thing we need is an attempt to make it dramatic and modern.

Game Shows on Hulu

Critic Review Highlight

‘Supermarket Sweep’ Is the Perfect Game Show for the Covid Era. Full Review --David Browne, Rolling Stone


Best Shows on Netflix

If nothing on this list caught your attention, jump over to the next article where we lay out the best shows coming this month on Netflix.

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