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Looking for a film budget template for your next film production? Take your production to the next level by creating a professional shooting schedule online using StudioBinder.

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Includes top sheet summary and color-coded sheets to get granular with your film production expenses

StudioBinder's Film Budget Template. Click to enlarge. Learn about budgeting tips here


A film budget template tailored to fit your needs

This print-friendly film budget template provides all the robustness you're looking for in a budgeting template. Works perfectly for budgeting out short films, features, commercials, music video, and more.

Film Budget Template Includes:

  • Auto-calculates expenses and grand total
  • Includes ATL, BTL, and production expense sheet
  • Fully customizable columns to fit your needs

Best Practices for Film Budget Templates

The Essential Guide for Crafting Film Budgets (with FREE Film Budget Template) - Featured - StudioBinder

Learn more about the nuances of managing your productions film budget in our companion post The Essential Guide for Crafting Film Budgets.


  • The multiple phases of a film production budget and how to properly budget out days
  • Differences between ATL, BTL, Production Expenses, and more
  • Errors and omissions to protect your production company from future liabilities
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Accel without Excel. Create interactive shooting schedule online along with script breakdowns, shot lists, production calendars, call sheets and more.  All in one elegant solution designed specifically for entertainment professionals.

StudioBinder Film Production Script Breakdown Sheet Template and Online Builder - Desk

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