Whether you’re looking to hire locals when shooting out of town, or searching for “hungrier” crew who are willing to exchange experience for a pay cut, Facebook Groups are a great place to start.


Advantages of Hiring Production Crew with Facebook:

  1. The posting is free.
  2. Most groups are global, and you can find crew in remote areas.
  3. Younger talent could take on a lower rate if it means they can learn on the job.

1. Find Production Crew with Facebook

These are some of my favorites but by no means the only ones out there. New groups are created all the time and they’re becoming more and more specific for things like; types of production, role-based or location-based groups.

2. Key points to keep in mind

Join Well In Advance

Group approvals can take some time.


Leverage Friends in the Group

Often times friends in the group can approve the request themselves.


Check the Group Rules

Understand the group rules for posting (some do not allow for free/copy/credit jobs).


Ask Applicants to PM or Email You

Unless you want to field questions publicly about the job, rate, etc.

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3. Keep Track of your Crew

When you find promising crew to work with, either for a current project, or future one down-the-road, it would be a good idea to save their contact details in CRM software for easy retrieval down-the-road.


StudioBinder lets you save crew member details, add profile photos, and even organize them into favorites lists for easy hiring down-the-road. Make lists by geography such as “Best Sound Mixers in Las Vegas” or by project rates “Affordable Production Coordinators.” Building a system now for ongoing hiring efficiency can save you time when you’re up against a hiring crunch later.

Wrapping Up

Good luck finding your crew!  Feel free to link to your favorite Facebook Groups in comments below.

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