StudioBinder presents our free freeform writing software. Our integrated writing tools help you create and manage necessary documents for your production company while you organize and plan your productions. Seamlessly go from development to physical production — all in one hub.

Read on to see why StudioBinder’s Freeform writing features will change production workflows. Oh, wait… did we mention it’s completely free?

Making the Best Online Word Processor for Video

1. Why write in StudioBinder?

StudioBinder’s free freeform writing software redefines the process of creating, organizing, and sending important production documents.

StudioBinder is the holistic production experience. Let's take a look below:

Welcome to StudioBinder

Directors need to organize script analysis, director’s notes, proposed equipment lists, and mood boards with image capabilities.

Writers need to organize story treatments, character breakdowns and the script synopsis all in a place that is available to the production team.

Producers need to organize deal memos, union paperwork, release forms, vendor pricing, equipment lists, financial information, and legal contracts.

Accuracy of these documents often dictates the success of your company.

Most word processors are built around exporting PDFs.

Which often leads to this:

Export the PDF out of the writing app.

Import into a (commonly expensive) scheduling application.

You notice a slight typo, or an important detail that needs to be adjusted.

Now you have to reopen your writing app, fix the issue, then export that document again, and then reimport the new version.

Hope nothing went wrong this time.

Every time you make the round-trip from a standalone freeform writing solution to pre-production there’s a risk that something will go wrong.

Yet mistakes are inevitable.

So the question becomes:

How do we make this experience better?

The answer...

Put it all in one place.

Our freeform word processor is natively baked in with StudioBinder’s production tools. That way, you can collaborate on documents with lawyers, union reps, and accountants all from one place.

No more frantic searches through your email history.

StudioBinder eliminates stress and needlessly redundant tasks.

So let’s dive into StudioBinder’s freeform online word processor.

Free and Easy to Use Word Processor

2. A familiar formatting interface

Freeform writing software shouldn’t get in the way...

It should step aside so that your creativity continues to churn.

Everything you expect in a word processor is right here.

Predictive features that speed up your workflow, and the detailed formatting options you need to build important professional documents.

Clear formatting from text so that you can copy and paste from other documents, and quickly rebuild them to fit your preferred style.

You can also add interactive checklists into your documents.

We frequently auto-save in the background, so your work is always safe.

All of this functionality is part of your production planning.

Why burden yourself with extra steps?

We’re here to help.


3. Video collaboration in the cloud

Do you wish you didn’t have to comb through emails to collaborate?

StudioBinder has you covered.

Create documents with a partner, team, or from multiple computers.

You won’t have to worry about your files being saved securely.

StudioBinder’s integration makes everyone’s job simpler, check it out below:

StudioBinder Share Feature

You’ll have the ability to give and receive notes that are directly attached to the document so that they are readily visible for approval or changes.

Let’s say you’re a producer that needs to suggest changes to a document:

Financial and legal documents are a crucial part of any business.

Often, there is zero margin for error.

We don’t want to see your production company or project have to backtrack months or break your budget because of clerical errors.

You can also collaborate during the initial creation of documents.

Need multiple people to tackle character breakdowns?

We’ve got you covered.

Better collaboration.


4. Send secure production documents

StudioBinder helps you send and store documents securely.

Input the contact information for vendors, unions, rental houses, film commissions, independent contractors, law offices, and banks.

Share your work with view-only access and track the view status:

Going Paperless

5. Go green to build a paperless world

Do you want your production company to go green?

StudioBinder is better for the environment — across the board.

Virtually eliminate the need for printer paper. When a tree is cut down, the stored CO2 escapes into the atmosphere. Those logs that formerly photosynthesized CO2 into oxygen are now loaded onto trucks so they can be transported — which means fuel. Then the logs are converted to reams which are also transported, etc...

Using StudioBinder results in:

Fewer trips to the office supply store.

Fewer pages in the recycling bin.

Fewer cut down trees.

Did we mention how much time and money you’ll save?

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