Сhoosing the right location for your shoot can make or break your film and have a meaningful impact on the tone of the finished work. Unfortunately, finding the right location within your budget can be a real challenge in Los Angeles. We took a look at their locations in Los Angeles and found the 10 most unique locations that you can rent right now. Hint: You might recognize #1 from a popular superhero movie.

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Locations Rentals

The best Los Angeles location rentals

Over the past few years, a number of startups and location agencies have taken a stab at solving this problem by creating easy to use online directories, akin to Airbnb but for hourly rentals. Peerspace, Image Locations, and Locations Hub now have thousands of locations that can be viewed and rented online.

As opposed to Airbnb, where hosts are looking for overnight rentals, locations on Peerspace are listed specifically for film and photo shoots. You can navigate through their catalog and make reservations by the hour for houses, studios, warehouses, offices, outdoor, and other private locations throughout Los Angeles. They recently added new filtering options, so you can narrow down your search by space type and style.

Once you find a space that fits your vision, make sure it has all the amenities you need to pull off a seamless shoot. Keep in mind that an ideal location has enough space to shoot your scene and a separate area to store and easily access equipment. You’ll also want a breakout space for crew and talent to relax and eat when they’re not working. Peerspace recently added information about breakout space, as well as other important elements like lighting considerations, location sound recording, and crew parking to each listing.

Filming Locations Los ANgeles

10. Poolside in Silver Lake

Top 10 Most Unique Filming Location - Poolside in Silver Lake

Poolside in Silver Lake

With a three-tiered terraced backyard outside, this private home is located in the heart of Silverlake. The outdoor patio is surrounded by tropical landscaping and white walls. This modern exterior location has a heated pool complete with lounging and dining areas. The interior of this home is not available for filming however it may be used additionally by the cast and crew for hair and make-up.


Contactless Check-in

Located on the 11th floor in the fashion district of downtown LA, this studio location is perfect for smaller productions. A huge 15x15x15 cyclorama white wall is a unique feature that will give you endless creative opportunities. The studio space also has offices that have stunning high-rise views of downtown Los Angeles.

Film Location Listings

8. Hill 2 - Black stage with no windows!

Top 10 Most Unique Filming Location - Hill 2

Hill 2

This unique 850 sq. foot studio is painted matte black from floor to ceiling and you will have full control over its large LED light walls. Its glossy and polished floor provides a dazzling reflection from a variety of lighting fixtures. This studio location is ideal for any music video director that wants to increase their production value on a tight budget.

Movie Locations Los Angeles

7. Bright and Beautiful Modern Home

Top 10 Most Unique Filming Location - Bright and Beautiful Relaxed Modern Home

Bright and Beautiful Relaxed Modern Home

This newly renovated home looks like it’s straight out of an interior design magazine. From the tiled black and white kitchen to the warm and bright modern master bedroom, this location is ideal for any kind of shoot. The lounge is the perfect space for a gear room and there’s accessible street parking outside.

Top 10 Most Unique Filming Location - Mid-Century Haven for Creatives

Mid-Century Haven for Creatives

If you are looking for a vintage interior with breathtaking views, look no further. This beautifully restored home rests atop the treeline of Benedict Canyon. The warm interior is designed with mid-century furniture and unique artwork dating back to the 1960s. With a 1600 sq. foot terrace overlooking the canyon, this location is perfect for commercial and fashion productions.

Top 10 Most Unique Filming Location - 60's Vintage House Honeymoon Hideout

60's Vintage House

Located in West Hills, California, this vintage and vibrant mid-century home should be any filmmaker's quintessential pick if you are trying to capture that 1960s aesthetic. From the yellow carpeting and wood-paneled walls to the iconic vintage decor and veneer furniture, this is the perfect retro set for small to medium productions.

Top 10 Most Unique Filming Locations - Modern Architectural Gem Flooded With Natural Light

Modern Architectural Gem

If you are looking for a colorful and modern architectural location in West Los Angeles, this estate may be worth its higher price point. Glass paneled walls allow plenty of natural light to illuminate the open-concept space. The colorful structural design and artwork throughout this property make it a one of a kind location.

Warehouse for Filming Los Angeles

3. Industrial Hangar & Warehouse — The Barracks

Top 10 Most Unique Filming Location - Industrial Hangar & Warehouse

Industrial Hangar & Warehouse

Located right outside of downtown, this industrial hangar and warehouse for filming in Los Angeles is a rustic location that will add a remarkable amount of texture to your next project. This location comes with an LED tunnel lighting rig, photo backdrops, a plexiglass platform, and many other amenities. This location can accommodate any sized production and has infinite potential.

Top 10 Most Unique Filming Location - Downtown 80's Neon Pink Loft

Downtown '80s Neon Pink Loft

This fully decorated 1980s themed loft is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. In this 750 sq. foot loft there are several neon practical lights and decade accurate decor. This is a unique location that is ideal for music videos and period pieces that strive to capture that 1980s vibe.

Location Rentals Los Angeles

1. Architectural Plexi-Covered Space


Architectural Plexi-Covered Space

Although this studio space is on the pricier side, this 10,000 sq. foot location is worth every penny. Used in The Dark Knight, this high-end garage is the perfect location for car shoots, music videos, and feature films. The plexi-covered ceiling has state of the art interchangeable colored LED lights to accommodate all of your creative desires.

If none of these options feel like a good fit, you can find an abundance of other great filming locations in the Los Angeles area on Peerspace.


Residential filming locations in LA

If you're looking to browse more Los Angeles filming locations, continue on to our next list that focuses more on domestic spaces and residents. Browsing through lists like these will give you a great idea of the options available and how they'd fit within your budget without spending hours visiting these locations in person.

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