Why do I always see the same GIF over and over again. You know the one. It’s Michael Jackson, from his “Thriller” music video, eating popcorn in a movie theatre. According to Know Your Meme, it was popularized in 2007 and serves as a humorous signal to internet trolls. But what’s so appealing about the Michael Jackson Popcorn GIF? 

Internet’s Prized Popcorn GIF

Michael Jackson Popcorn GIF

Well, for the internet age, this Michael Jackson GIF has become synonymous with two things: a representation that a fiery social media debate is about to go down, or better yet, we’re right in the middle of a Battle Royale, watching those internet trolls at work.

Michael Jackson Popcorn GIF

The infamous Michael Jackson Popcorn GIF

For better or worse, the digital age is part of our everyday life. It is shaping our culture, and will always be apart of our history. Using gifs to communicate is the latest evolution of human language.


Post your videos on Twitter

MJ aside, there is other, more important content that could go viral, a.k.a. your videos. Reaching an audience is critical and if you don’t know how to “tweet” a video then you’re missing a huge audience for little to no expense. So, if it’s time to play catch up on social media, don’t worry, the next post has you covered. 

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