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Best Filmmaking and Screenwriting Podcasts - Featured - StudioBinder

The 12 Best Filmmaking and Screenwriting Podcasts of 2017

Nowadays, there are many kinds of media you can consume to get new information about your favorite topics, or just to enjoy pure entertainment. And that’s a great thing! Besides blogs or YouTube channels, podcasts have been gaining a lot of popularity during the last few years.

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Introducing Shot Lists - Complete Customization, Intuitive Interface - Featured - StudioBinder

Introducing Shot Lists: Complete Customization, Intuitive Interface

Now you can plan out your shots and share them with your team more efficiently in StudioBinder. Easily upload images to your shot list, daisy chain shot details, and customize your workflow.

But we’re just scratching the surface.

Let’s dive into the details.

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6 Popular Craft Services Companies In NYC - Featured - StudioBinder

6 Popular Craft Services Companies in NYC

Food on set. It’s the energy that keeps your key grips going. While production catering companies take care of the big meals, it’s up to your craft services team in New York to fill in the rest.

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Best Filmmaking Software and Tools - The Filmmakers Toolkit - Featured

61 Best Filmmaking Software & Tools of 2017

Sure, you’ve got gumption, a can-do attitude, and thick skin. But do you have the right tools to maximize your productivity? Here’s a rundown of our favorite, must-have filmmaking software, apps and gadgets for working filmmakers and producers.

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