Food on set. It’s the energy that keeps your key grips going. While production catering companies take care of the big meals, it’s up to your craft services team in New York to fill in the rest.

If you can afford craft services in NYC, no worries. We’ve got a craft services shopping list ready for your producer.

But if you’re hiring your craft services, we’ve compiled the 5 best craft services companies in NYC.

1. Marshark Craft Services

Marshark Craft Service may be one of the newest craft service companies in New York City, but it’s quickly becoming one of the best. Having worked on Gossip Girl and Kevin Can Wait, executive chef Peter Marshark is booking gigs left and right.

6 Popular Craft Services Companies in NYC - Marshark Craft Services-min

Without pre-listed craft services packages, Marshark works around any budget. Just schedule a consultation, and let the food service trailer roll onto set from Brooklyn.

2. Y-Cats Craft Service & Catering

Having fed the likes of Madonna, The New York Yankees, and George Clooney, Y-Cats Craft Service sets the standard for catering for film sets and craft services in NYC.

6 Popular Craft Services Companies in NYC - Y-Cats Craft Service and Catering-min

They cover the standards you’d expect for any craft service table but add a homey touch. Everything they produce is homemade, right down to their potato chips.

While their basic craft services package is pretty comprehensive, add options like their mini eggs benedict bites to show your film crew the love.

3. Evelyn's Kitchen

Evelyn’s Kitchen self-brands itself “Best in the Industry” and they make a pretty compelling case. Established in 2009 by executive chef Ayala Donchin, Evelyn’s Kitchen has been featured in O Magazine as one of Oprah’s favorite things.

6 Popular Craft Services Companies in NYC - Evelyn's Craft Services

While providing craft services in NYC to America’s Got Talent, VH1’s Hip Hop Honors, and Adele at Radio City Music Hall, Evelyn’s Kitchen also has a physical location where you can throw a delicious wrap party.


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4. Craft Service NYC

Craft Service NYC is young, but easily works around the most complex of shooting schedules. With three custom built kitchen trucks, they come to you and prepare everything fresh on site--a step above traditional food service trailers.

6 Popular Craft Services Companies in NYC - Craft Service NYC-min

Sourcing fresh and local foods, Craft Service NYC pushes the boundaries of the typical bag of popcorn you find on a craft services table. We’d recommend the deviled eggs, bruschetta, and chicken biscuits.

5. Wilson Rivas Crafts Service

Taco bars, burger bars, gyro bars, sushi bars, burrito bars, quesadilla bars, grilled seafood bars, smoothie bars, chocolate dream bars. Kebab bars. If you’re in New York City, Wilson Rivas Crafts is sure to jazz up your craft services table and then some. Even their most basic craft services table package comes with a delicious lox spread.

6 Popular Craft Services Companies in NYC - Wilson Rivas Crafts Service-min

Having worked on over 100 movies and another 100 TV shows, Wilson Rivas Crafts has worked on such recent films as Jackie, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Netflix’s Daredevil. Note their 72 hour advance notice cancellation policy and catering for film sets package.

6. Around The Clock Craft Services

One of the most searched craft services in NYC, Around the Clock Craft Services has worked for VH1, MTV, BET, Univision, Walt Disney Studios, The Weinstein Company, and Saturday Night Live, to name a few.

6 Popular Craft Services Companies in NYC - Around The Clock Craft Services-min

Offering both a craft services menu and catering for film, Around the Clock Craft Services bundles their packages by per person per day. With four different scaled plans, you can choose how much you love your film crew.

With their 24/7 delivery schedule, ordering has never been more convenient for your production needs. Having worked in the industry since 2001, Kinyarda Wright’s company is a mainstay in Craft services in NYC.

Wrapping Up


Having crew food on set is the key to any smooth production. Out of the craft service companies in New York City, these six stand out to us.

Great craft services often pay in film crew happiness, which make your film project run more smoothly.

We hope these craft services in NYC ideas save you time searching for your next production.

Who did we leave out? Let us know in the comments!

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